How to unlock the true ending and solve the dummy finger puzzle in Resident Evil 7’s midnight update demo


In case you weren’t aware, Capcom recently updated their demo of Resident Evil 7 on the PlayStation 4 with the “midnight” version. The previous update to this demo, the “twilight” version, updated the Baker house for the player to explore further, and included a new ending. This version of the demo, however, provides not only a “true” ending to the experience, but also a solution to the infamous dummy finger puzzle that has perplexed players since its initial release.

I aim to provide a walkthrough to assist people in completing the demo’s riddle, as well as provide an explanation for how you can achieve both the new true and infected endings. I can’t take credit for discovering these solutions all on my own however, as I sought help in some parts from good old Google and other players who were more intelligent (or obsessive) than I am.


Hold on to your butts.

However, following the steps provided for me by other players, I noticed during my almost three hour playthrough there were crucial parts missing to their walkthroughs, such as muddling up the sequence of the dummy finger puzzle, or not including crucial aspects, such as completing certain tasks during the VHS segment to help unlock parts of the puzzle. This left a lot of players confused and unsatisfied, wondering if the demo was bugged.

Me being me, I sought to compile bits of everything I’d learned both from my own playthrough, and from watching/reading about others to attempt to provide a complete explanation and walkthrough for those of you who might be struggling to complete the midnight update demo and achieve the “true” ending, or complete the dummy finger puzzle in order to obtain the dirty coin item.

There will be some spoilers, and it will be quite lengthy. You’ve been warned!


I’ll try my best not to dash you against the stones.

First of all, (and this was something totally new to me as well) there’s a ghost girl during the Sewer Gator VHS segment that can spawn in seven different potential locations (this is random to each VHS viewing). She only appears for a fraction of a second, but spotting her is crucial to completing the dummy finger puzzle. This is a unique feature for the Resident Evil series, since up until this entry, zombies, mutants and other biohazard bastards were commonplace, but ghostly apparitions were basically unheard of.


Not a ghost, but still… yuck.

Silent Hills’ P.T. teaser demo certainly left a ripple effect in the horror game genre, but I digress.

The seven potential locations for the ghost girl include:
1. To the western woods after you approach the front door of the Baker house with Andre and Pete for the first time.

2. After entering the Baker house, while Andre and Pete are bickering in the hallway, look behind you at the top of the door frame.

3. Inside the kitchen, look out the window above the sink, specifically near the bottom right.

4. After Andre disappears down the hallway, she might appear in the doorframe there.

5. At the top of the stairs where the mannequin room is.


6. Inside the room under the stairs where the voodoo dolls are hanging.
7. When you descend the ladder into the cellar, look up and behind Pete.

Also during the VHS segment, make sure you go through and interact with all the objects in the kitchen:
– Observe the pot on the table.
– Open the fridge.
– Open the microwave.
– Collect the lockpick on the floor between the counter with the microwave and the fridge. Unlock the locked drawer of the blue cabinet in the kitchen and open it; there won’t be anything in there, but that’s okay. Open the drawer next to it as well for good measure.


Two more things for the VHS segment – make sure you stick with Pete and Andre as best you can (try not to rush ahead) and allow their scripted dialogue to play out. Once Andre goes missing and you can explore the rest of the house, go into the hallway and open the drawer that usually contains the dummy finger, and then head up the stairs into the room where the mannequins usually are, and look at the headphones on the table to your right. Finish the VHS segment as per usual, do not quit early or you’ll have to do all of this again.


The sequence that you do all of these things in the VHS segment should not matter. Where you spot the ghost girl and what order you interact with the kitchen items should not matter, so long as you do all of it, you will be able to proceed with the dummy finger puzzle.

Now, onto the actual demo itself! I’ll try to recommend the steps in an order that won’t leave you with a clogged inventory space. This will involve not picking certain objects up until a certain point in time, but if you think you can manage, it’s entirely up to you.


You begin in the usual spot, with the TV, fireplace and fuse box. The first thing you’ll want to do when your character wakes up is head to the fireplace and crouch down. At the top of the fireplace you’ll find a handle – pull it to unlock the secret compartment to your right. Crouch through here and collect the lone fuse on top of the small table. Return to the room you were just in, and place the fuse in the fuse box. This will enable you to hit the “Stairs” button in the mannequin room later. You can read the charming note on the coffee table before you leave if you want.


Leave the room and enter the hallway. Go left and walk down the hall until you reach the kitchen. Go through to the back of the room and down another hallway towards the back door. Grab the bolt cutters from where all the carrion is laying about. Go back up the hallway and use the Bolt Cutters to open the chained up cabinet. Collect the derelict house footage tape, and return to the room you woke up in. Insert the tape into the VHS recorder to play out the VHS sewer gator segment. (Remember my advice at the start of the article about what to do here.)


After it’s finished, you get an updated version of the charming note sitting beside the TV. Go into the secret compartment again and collect the backdoor key that’s now sitting near the hole. Go back to the backdoor past the kitchen and insert the key into the backdoor keyhole, but be careful not to open the door as it’ll end the demo.


Return to the kitchen. I hope you remember opening the locked drawer of the blue cabinet during the VHS segment, because sitting in there now is a glorious axe. You’ll want to take this with you. A first person horror game with weapons! What is the world coming to? Sarcasm aside, it’s time to head upstairs and into the room with the mannequins. Slap the big red button labelled “stairs” to proceed into the attic.


Go through the first room to your right and past the telephone and the picture of an umbrella helicopter. In this room, there will be a locked door to your right, it’s important to remember this door as it’ll unlock once you complete the dummy finger puzzle. Grab the basement key on the table. You can also use the axe to smash the crate with the yellow tape in the corner to obtain some handgun ammo. There’s more handgun ammo under the bed in this room.

Before you leave the attic, grab the dummy hand from behind the TVs. Head back downstairs and grab the dummy finger from the drawer in the main hallway. Combine the newly acquired dummy finger with the dummy hand to create your own nifty little… pointer… thing.


At the end of the main hallway, beside the living room you woke up in, there is a door covered in a black mould-like substance. Naturally, you’ll want to go through here.


This is a whole new area of the house, unseen in previous versions of the demo. Enter the lovely little bathroom to your right. Take note that a valve is missing, and you’ll need to find one if you want to flush the toilet. Remember the horror trope about items and toilets? Grab the handgun ammo in the medicine cabinet (this required a tiny bit of angling and maneuvering to get the prompt for me) and in the drawer. There’s more where that came from in the hallway further up, towards your next destination.


Yep, it’s time to head into the dark, dank basement with a weirdly bent door that nobody in their right mind would ever want to go down. You’ll want to move quickly during this segment if you want to achieve the true ending, so be prepared. Head down the gloomy stairs of doom and into the creepy little basement. Collect the lockpick in the corner of this room. Open the only other door down here, and proceed through.

If you come to hate going into this room as much as I do, you’ll be unhappy to hear that it plays an important part of the puzzle, and you’ll have to return here several more times before the demo is over. There, there. It’s okay to cry.


In this room with the hanging body bags, you’ll want to grab the valve on the gurney in the corner of the room. Don’t enter the back room yet, we’ll be back for the item here later. Time is of the essence at this point. Good old family man Jack Baker will appear, and block your passage when you try to get out the way you came, leaving you to encounter the monster of the demo. He reminds me a little of the Regenerator from Resident Evil 4, but actually manages to be scarier. Not sure how that’s possible, but regardless, I call him Mouldy.



If you want to achieve the “infected” ending of the demo, just let Mouldy hit you once and follow the rest of the walkthrough to finish the demo. If you want the “true” ending, however, you have to avoid being hit entirely, or else you’ll have to start over. When he first jumps down from the ceiling, you can kick one of the body bags hanging from the ceiling towards him to stun him temporarily; you’ll need to kick the door a few times before it’ll open, so I definitely recommend stunning Mouldy when he first appears.

Haul ass out of the basement and back up into the hallway upstairs. Return to the bathroom and put the valve on the pipe, turning it. Flushing the bloody toilet will ceremoniously present you a handgun, which you’ll want to take. Sorry to tell you, but you’ll have to return to the basement.

Whether you choose to preserve the bullets or try to use them on Mouldy is up to you. From personal experience, the handgun works like a peashooter and barely seemed to affect the monster in the basement at all and only served to get me infected trying, but if you want to attempt to gun Mouldy down it’s entirely up to you. I didn’t try to use the axe against him so I’m not sure how effective it would be, but the closer you get to him the more likely you are to get hit, so if you’re after the true ending, I wouldn’t try to hit him with the axe.

In the room with the body bags, Mouldy has slunk off to the corner of the room, so this buys you some time if you’re quick. Bolt into the backroom and grab the attic window key from the shelf. Run like the devil’s after you (he probably is) out of the basement and back up the stairs.

Grab the blank notebook from the drawer back down the hallway – now that we have everything we need, it’s time to officially begin the dummy finger puzzle. Go back into the attic, and read the bloodstained message on the wall near the TVs where the dummy hand was earlier.


“Five guests murdered but where is unknown.
Nothing to point to their final gravestones.”

Nice and ominous. “Nothing to point to their final gravestones” is obviously implying that you’ll need that dummy hand, though. If reading the message on the wall did not trigger a ghostly giggle, try observing the dummy hand in your inventory. Either way, after you get the giggle, examine the previously blank notebook to find it’s not so blank anymore. This is your first riddle.

“Grace will not wake when the clock makes its chime
Her covers are heavy and it’s her last bedtime.”

Clock and chime. There’s a clock at the end of the main hallway just before the kitchen. Head to that location. There’s fallen cabinet below the hanging clock on the wall. Examine the dummy hand in your inventory again, and rotate it until the finger is pointing at the fallen cabinet. This might require some fiddling and rotating. You should get some kind of blurriness and sound effect to indicate that it worked.


Head to the attic. If you return to the locked door, you should now see one bloody handprint slapped against the wood, but it’s not necessary to check it out if you’re looking to speed-run the demo. At the barricaded door, look at the bright light in the upper left to trigger your next giggle. Check your blank notebook.

“Phil’s tucked in tight on his cold, stiff bed
He’s having sweet dreams of not being dead”

Back to the basement, ladies and gentlemen.


Mouldy shouldn’t be here anymore though, thankfully. Approach the gurney at the back of the room with the hanging bodies and point the dummy finger towards the body lying there. As before, you should get a sound effect indicating your success, and another bloody handprint on the door in the attic.


For the third part of the riddle, walk up the stairs towards the mannequin room, and chop at the picture of a woman in black with a white sack covering her face hanging on the stairway wall with your axe. Giggle, giggle, hopefully. This part of the riddle can be a bit finicky, so persevere and try different angles hitting the picture. I have no idea how anybody thought to do this, but kudos to whoever discovered this, given how random it is. Observe your notebook.

“Stanley was told to go hide and they’d seek
But they wouldn’t let him out no matter how much he shrieked.”


Head to the room under the stairs with the creepy hanging voodoo dolls. Point the finger at the barricaded door to need new pants. This should trigger the sound effect and your next bloody handprint.


Your next riddle spot is just in the hallway between the door frame leading into the voodoo doll room, and the crappy mirror. Face the mirror and do a 180 turn using the back button and circle quickly at the same time to look into the voodoo room instead to trigger another giggle. This is very particular – you have to do a quick 180 degree turn using back and circle, and not just turn to look behind yourself, in order to trigger this next part. Again, how anybody managed to figure this stuff out is beyond me.


Your next riddle in the blank notebook reads:

“Marlene was so proud of her white and blue necklace
It made her feel tall and left her quite breathless.”

Up in the attic, there are blue and white cords on the ceiling to the left of the room. Point the dummy finger to where they intertwine on the beam to get your crashing sound effect and second to last bloody handprint on the door.

marlenes-necklaceThis last part of the riddle is a pain in the ass, so make sure you’ve interacted with all the kitchen items in the real world and done everything in the VHS segment that I had listed earlier – saw the ghost girl at any one of her random locations, interacted with all of the kitchen objects, opened the drawers and looked at the headphones in the mannequin room, and stuck with Pete and Andre as best you could to let their dialogue play out without rushing ahead.


You may have to interact with the kitchen objects in the real world as well for good measure. If you haven’t already, open the fridge, the microwave, and the lid of the pot on the table. Return to the basement one last time, into the backroom again. With your back facing the doll on the shelf, crouch down and look at the doll on the floor. If you’ve done everything correctly in the VHS segment, you should get your final, tell-tale giggle, and the last part of the riddle.

“Timmy did not mind the harsh light of the four suns
Eyes require heads and he did not have one”

Go back to the kitchen and point the dummy finger at the gruelling contents inside the pot to trigger your final sound effect and handprint. Poor Timmy.


Return to the attic and go through the previously locked door, which should now have five handprints on it, one for each of the unfortunate murdered guests. Go through the door and claim your hard-earned dirty coin, which can be transferred into the main game of Resident Evil 7 when it releases in January. This should yield something interesting for the cunning people who have it in their inventory.


End the demo by leaving through the attic window, unlocking it with the attic key. If you didn’t get infected by Mouldy earlier, you’ll unlock the “true” ending.

Congratulations, you’re the best! … And also probably an LSD addict who hallucinated everything you just saw, or at least that’s what the cops seem to believe. Oh well.


Special thanks to YouTuber ManlyBadassHero and Michael Harradence on PlayStation Universe whose helpful sources allowed me to help compile this walkthrough, compare and contrast in my own playthrough of the demo and determine why other players were getting stuck in certain dummy puzzle segments and what the most effective order to do everything in was.


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