Santa Claus is coming to Overwatch and he’s spamming turrets


The Overwatch Christmas event is here, and the costumes are pretty great, well depending on your level of seasonal cheer.

overwatch xmas costumes

The seasonal costumes can be unlocked the usual way by leveling up, or you know, you could do that gambling thing and buy a batch. Each loot box you earn during this event will contain at least one festive item, but that includes profile icons, sprays, victory poses, emotes and highlight intros, so spend wisely!

Of course festive costumes aren’t the only thing jingling their way to the beloved game, a new brawl mode, Mei’s Snowball Offensive is live. The mode replaces Mei’s primary weapon with a snowball launcher that one shots enemies. However the catch is once you’ve run out of ammo you have to reload it at a snow pile, so defensive ice walls are a must here.

As part of the event snow has found its way onto the Hanamura and King’s Way maps, so there must have been a Blizzard or something… not even sorry for that.

Symmetra players will also be pleased to learn that the Xmas update includes her overhaul, including the new shield slinging ability.

The Overwatch Christmas season wraps up on January 2nd, so be sure to dive in if you’re eyeing off particular skins.

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