The Endless Lake guy needs to be more responsible around water


If you couldn’t swim would you run full pelt down a pier full of holes? No, you wouldn’t.

Facebook recently launched arcade games via messenger, which for the most part are innocent rehashes of classic games like Pacman, until you get to Endless Lake and discover a blatant disregard for basic water safety.

Why are you smiling, do you want to drown?

Why are you smiling, do you want to drown?

In the game you have to inform an arrogant idiot that his inevitable death by drowning is near by tapping so he jumps over gaps in his path. It’s one of those difficult games that requires stupid amounts of time to master, and it’s made even more stressful by the willful negligence cube guy shows towards avoiding lungs full of lake water.

If he slowed down perhaps he could find some other way to reach his destination, whatever it may be. If this lake truly is endless, what’s his rush? But no, he insists on sprinting and blindly leaping over large bodies of water, leaving you responsible for the grim outcome.

To add insult to injury, cube idiot occasionally clones himself so you can watch copies of him needlessly drown to fully grasp the life or death stakes of irresponsible lake activities.

Pictured: sadism.

Pictured: sadism.

You can assist the block headed imbecile’s demise through Facebook messenger by hitting the controller icon, but be warned, it may make you procrastinate and write satirical articles.

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