New Overwatch patch adds “Oasis” map, doesn’t fix garbage Mei exploit


Rejoice, all ye Overwatch fans, for developer Blizzard’s latest patch to the game has implemented a new map for us to rain some justice from above upon.

The new map, “Oasis”, is a control point map set in a city called, you guessed it, Oasis located in the Arabian Desert. According to the description in the announcement video, Oasis was founded by a bunch of researchers and scientists taking a leaf out of the Andrew Ryan manifesto and wanting to make a city “dedicated to scientific progress without restraints.” What that means for Overwatch lore is anybody’s guess.

Oasis’ primary alteration to regular Overwatch gameplay is the fact that the traffic featured in the above video isn’t just there for background decoration, those roads are actually part of the map and players will have to dodge the cars as well as opponents’ bullets/icicles/hooks/whatever-the-hell-Zenyatta-flings-at-people. Can’t wait to see a Play of the Game where Zarya’s Ultimate sucks an entire team into oncoming traffic…

In other, less good Overwatch news, the Oasis patch doesn’t fix a terrible exploit with Mei’s Ice Wall ability players have discovered in 3v3 matches on the Ecopoint: Antarctica map. In the corridor leading off one of the spawn points, players have been using Mei’s Ice Wall to launch themselves up into the ceiling and outside the play area, where they are able to see and shoot through the ceiling but cannot be seen or shot themselves. It results in matches ending either because the non-cheating teams attempt to find ways to work around the glitch and end up being mowed down, or they just hangout away from that area of the map and wait for a draw or for the cheater to get bored and actually play properly.

While the exploit was discovered within the past week, I only just recently encountered it after having several back-to-back games (each with different players) where both my teammates and opponents used it to ruin everybody’s fun. Here’s some footage I captured of a game where I came up against one of these jerks, who thankfully got bored being a cheating asshat and came out to face me so I could smack them in the face.

Yeah I admit, that was a close call, but damn it was ever so satisfying!

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