Razer’s new laptop has monitors for days


At CES 2017 this week, Razer unveiled “Project Valerie”, a laptop boasting a triple monitor display setup. That’s right, three monitors built into a single laptop. The people at Razer looked at all the single display laptops in the world and said “hah, portability and weight be damned, let’s take our displays over 9000.”

And over 9000 they surely did take it, because on top of Project Valerie’s triple monitor setup, it has some pretty crazy features and numbers for tech enthusiasts to drool over.

For a start, each of Project Valerie’s 17.3-inch displays is 4K, making for a total combined display resolution of 11,520×2160. All of this is powered by a single NVIDIA GTX 1080, which does cause me to question how it can be expected to run any modern games at so ludicrous a resolution while also having some kind of playable frame rate. The GTX 1080 is a beast of a card, but can it wrangle the beast that is three 4K monitors?

But hey, all three of the displays are NIVIDIA G-Sync enabled, so that’ll go some of the way to reducing stutter.

The really crazy thing though is that when the laptop is opened up, the extra two monitors deploy themselves like you’ve got your own portable super-villain lair.

Even I have to admit, that’s pretty cool.

But as I mentioned earlier, this thing very much leans on the side of “portability be damned,” because it is thick and quite heavy. When closed, Project Valerie is just shy of four centimetres thick, and the entire thing weighs around five kilograms, not the most convenient weight for a portable device. But you’d hardly be buying a triple display gaming laptop if you were that fussed about convenient portability.

And to be fair, for what it is packing, Project Valerie is pretty damn portable. Carting a desktop PC and three monitors to a LAN party is no easy feat, so it sure has that going for it. It’ll just be interesting to see how the battery life on it is while running a game on all three monitors.

No pricing or release window has been announced for Project Valerie yet, but we can be pretty sure it won’t be an insignificant amount of dollary-doos…

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