Resident Evil VII gets an interesting looking collectible


So fingers and male appendages are two similarly shaped, but very different body parts, right? Well judging from a Resident Evil VII collectible item, the differences might have escaped Capcom’s attention.

The USB is supposed to look like an infamous dummy finger from the Resident Evil VII demo, but instead looks like a crispy dick. It was handed out during Japan’s Biohazard Ambassador event, and soon caught the attention, and confusion, of attendees. If you’re gagging to get a hold of one but weren’t in Japan for the event, our friends in the US will be pleased to know the charred shlong will feature in Gamestop’s exclusive collector’s edition… so uh, enjoy that?

"Please don't give my USB slot a virus."

“Please don’t give my USB slot a virus.”

The device  even bends like… uh, I’ll say finger, it definitely flops around like a big old floppy finger.



Resident Evil VII comes out on 24th January for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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