For Honor closed beta test coming later in January


Anyone keen to clash some swords in Ubisoft’s upcoming For Honor will have reason to be excited today, the publisher has confirmed the dates of the game’s closed beta test: January 26-29 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The closed beta is, well, closed so for a chance to be involved you need to sign up over on For Honor’s website, here.

Interestingly though, everyone who does get accepted into the closed beta will take part in a limited time event dubbed “War of the Factions”. Essentially, when signing up players are asked to choose a faction, Samurai, Knights or Vikings, and throughout the beta Ubisoft will keep track of which faction reigns supreme. Everyone who fights for their chosen faction will receive “rewards” when the full game launches, with the winning faction will be given, wait for it, even more rewards.

As for what those rewards are, Ubisoft is yet to say. Guess we’ll have to until the full game comes out on Valentine’s Day (or February 14 for bitter, single people) to find out. Better hope your internet isn’t down that day either, as it recently came to light that For Honor is to be an always online game.

In the meantime, check out the new trailer that goes along with the announcement.

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