Guys, Mass Effect: Andromeda has a new trailer and it’s pretty rad


Mass Effect: Andromeda, Bioware’s next instalment in their gigantic space opera franchise, is just around the corner, due for release on March 23 (March 21 in the US).

That less than two month wait is still going to feel like a long time for those excited to jump back into the series’ sprawling, deep sci-fi universe, so as a nice gift (or perhaps a cruel exacerbation of the wait time), Bioware has released a new cinematic trailer for the game. And I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s certainly piqued my interest.

Oh, SPOILERS I guess for anyone wanting to go in completely blind?

So the player, either Scott or Sara Ryder depending which twin they’ve chosen, is aboard a vessel transporting legions of people in cryostasis to colonise a new Earth, but then they run afoul of an alien warlord so now both their own lives and the lives of the sleeping population are at stake? That’s exactly the kind of high stakes sci-fi that photons my torpedoes!

Plus there were some hints of Krogan in there, which has got me interested since the whole subplot about the controlled sterilisation of their species in the original Mass Effect trilogy was one of the ones I agonised over for most of the games. Will Andromeda take players curing it as canon, or is it still in effect?

I guess I’ll have to wait until March to find out.

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