Gee, “1-2-Swift” sure looks like another game I know…


If you are a huge Nintendo fan who also happened to be perusing Steam today and spotted a game called 1-2-Swift on the new release list, you could be forgiven for thinking the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive 1-2 Switch had both come out a full month early and also been ported over to PC.

Actually no, I take that back. I won’t forgive you for that because that idea is completely ridiculous.

1-2-Swift is not the latest and greatest in competitive-milking gaming coming to Nintendo’s much anticipated console, but a game from developers MNGOVR taking one of 1-2 Switch’s mini-game concepts, the Quick Draw shootout, and making it playable on the HTC Vive’s wand controllers. It costs less than US$3, and judging by the trailer it’s pretty clear why.

Now granted, Nintendo don’t own the idea of motion controlled Wild West duel video game, and they clearly aren’t using any of Nintendo’s assets, so no one’s copyright is being directly infringed on that front, but by calling it 1-2-Swift the developers are walking on some tricky ground here. Having played the real 1-2 Switch I can say the sequence of events, from player initiating trigger pulls, the graphic at the end showing shooting angles, is pretty damn similar.

Also, the full title of the game in its Steam description is 1-2-Swift: It’s high noon, so yeah, there’s a reference to another big AAA game thrown in there, because why not.

1-2 Swifts High Noon

It’s from Battleborn, right?

Yeah, I don’t see this remaining up on the storefront for very long. Then again, so much shovelware does make it onto and remain on Steam that perhaps that’s wishful thinking.

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