Club Penguin to waddle off in March


The scientists were right. Disney’s Club Penguin, is sinking into the cold depths on March 29, 2017.

With over 200 million accounts, and having 8.5 million penguins logged in at its height (not bad for a flightless bird), Club Penguin has become one of Disney’s most successful and longest running games ever (probably because your school’s internet filter didn’t block it). It spawned spin-off games, books, and multiple television specials, as well as winning a BAFTA in 2010, showing that Club Penguin was never a barren ice desert.

So why is Club Penguin closing? While it still has an active community, gaming’s changing climate has led to a steady decrease in penguin numbers over the years. The game is also built upon Shockwave Flash which, like an iceberg that’s drifted into warm waters, is quickly becoming an obsolete platform,

Club Penguin 2

This is just the tipping of the iceberg.

If you’re on of the tens of people with a Club Penguin membership, you can chill, as you’ll still be able to enjoy all your benefits until March 29. You’ll no longer be charged a recurring fee and will receive an email with additional information, including refund details.

But Club Penguin isn’t just quietly sliding away; there will be a two month long party, up until its March closure, to celebrate its 11 glorious years. And everyone knows there are no wilder animals than penguins at a party.

Club penguin 3

Prepare to be treated like emperors, kings and royalty.

Despite being an easy target for mockery and scorn over the past 11 years, the penguins have always let negativity slide like water off of their hydrophobic backs, thanks to their huddled community and protection of its developers. It’s a game that people from the UK, Australia, Argentina and anywhere in-between could claim part of it as their own. Everyone worked together to ensure Club Penguin’s landscape always remained pristine and relatively untouched by corrupting influence.

Even when the U.S. Presidential election heated-up, the penguins were there to offer a cold shoulder towards Trump. Hopefully Club Penguin’s meltdown is the evidence he needs to change his climate stance.

Club Penguin 4

The mood was very frosty.

Thankfully, Club Penguin’s remaining waddle isn’t going out like a clubbed seal. The ice will give way to Club Penguin Island, a warmer, brighter place landing on mobile devices in March. You can pre-register now for cool in-game rewards at launch. But until then, there’s still time to chill-out with the original Club Penguin experience, before it melts away forever.

Waddle on, Club Penguin. Waddle on.

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