Watch me cringing playing Resident Evil 7 in VR


I suppose it was always going to come to this. Resident Evil 7 is out and fully playable in Playstation VR, and my fellow editor Charlie responded to my suggestion of recording him playing it using the headset with a resounding “NOPE”, so it would be up to me to brave the horrors of the Baker mansion in a whole new level of immersion.

I had some thoughts on the PSVR experience in my review of Resident Evil 7, noting how it certainly enhances the creepy atmosphere of the environment but also isn’t the smoothest experience controls wise, particularly in combat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still great and it’s certainly awesome to finally have a VR game that isn’t just a quick proof of concept, but it still isn’t perfect.

But don’t take my written word for, hear me say these things with the aid of a live demonstration. While I played using VR in later sections for my review, this video covers the beginning of the game, so spoilers for the intro if that bothers you. The schadenfreude resulting from my gasps and cringing is my added gift to you all.

I must admit, while playing for that video I got a better handle on the VR controls, but I do really wish it utilised motion controls for aiming weapons rather than head tracking. Aiming with your face just doesn’t feel right to me.

Side note, I know that wasn’t the best boss fight to show off because it’s dull as dishwater, but really most of them play out like that but with flashier settings and maybe an environmental element. As I said in my review, the combat isn’t the most exciting thing in Resident Evil 7, and it would have greatly benefited from being a more Outlast/Alien Isolation kind of run-n-hide or circumvent enemies horror game. Keep the Resident Evil-ness with regards to puzzles, backtracking and stuff, but yeah, make the Bakers more formidable and terrifying beyond the shock of being sprung.

But cynicism aside, Resident Evil 7 is still a great experience both with and without VR just with the atmosphere alone, and a milestone for VR technology generally. I look forward to eventually putting Charlie through it…

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