Horizon: Zero Dawn developers talk moving from linear shooters to open-world RPGs


Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Playstation 4 exclusive Sony has been showing off for quite some time now, is just around the corner so pretty soon we’ll all be running around developer Guerrilla Games’ post apocalyptic, robot dinosaur infested world.

In anticipation of the launch, Playstation Australia have released three behind-the-scenes videos about the development of the game. As well as the usual “we wanted to make something players are going to love,” rhetoric, the members of Guerrilla Games provide some interesting insights regarding moving from making linear, first person shooters with the Killzone series to open-world, quest based, third-person RPGs.

Horizon: Zero Dawn launches March 1 in Australia. I got the chance to have some hands on time with the game at PAX Aus this past November, where I found it showed a lot of potential. The demo lacked a decent tutorial, but for the most part the combat was fluid and the game looked fairly pretty even on the older hardware.

Keen to check out more of it in a few weeks.

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