Check out the official Nintendo Switch packaging


Nintendo Switch launches in four weeks. Man that’s come up quickly. Seems like just yesterday editor Charlie and I were getting hands-on with the hardware, and getting, um, “hands-on” with the questionably filthy 1-2-Switch.

Well, just yesterday I saw these display boxes for the console, which a Nintendo rep informed me is indeed the official packaging for the unit.

Pretty standard, that’s the usual Switch promo picture. The sides of the box show off the various ways the console can be manipulated.

And the back has the other main promo image.

The bottom of the box contains the juicy details regarding the contents of the box. As previously reported, the Switch comes with the tablet, two Joy-Con controllers, the dock, Joy-Con grip, AC adaptor and HDMI cable.

The graphic also reiterates that only Nintendo Switch software will run on the Nintendo Switch, further dashing the hopes that 3DS games could ever run on the system.

And for the sake of it, here’s the neon coloured Switch box.

So there we go, that’s some nice packaging. For a closer look at the actual machine, we’ll have to wait until March 3 when the Switch launches.

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