Blizzard tease us with new Overwatch character hype


Overwatch has been one of the most solid multiplayer experiences in a long time, and naturally it has a large following beacuse of this. So it’s not surprising when a new character comes around, Overwatch fans lose their shit. Blizzard have shown a precedent for slowly teasing new characters, like in the Sombra AR debacle. And for a while now there have been whispers that a new character isn’t far off.

It has been said that the next character is “not who you think it is” by director Jeff Kaplan, ruling out the easy pick of a Terry Crews voiced Doomfist. As we seemingly grow closer to an announce, Blizzard have been teasing us with little hints. The latest came directly into our lap via an email from Blizzard’s PR team, and was labeled as “News from Numbani.”

The email linked out to the above tweet, suggesting a new omni hating threat has emerged in the peaceful city of Numbani. Next to this was the following image, entitled “Efi to do list”:


Lucio-oh’s sound good.

It introduces, Efi Oladele who “was recently the recipient of the Adawe Foundation’s prestigious ‘genius grant’, posted the following curious image on her holovid channel, declaring: ‘Time to get to work!’ We will keep you updated as more news comes out of Numbani.”

From that list of gear, including the Tobelstein reactor, which is what fuels Zarya’s particle canon, we can assume Efi is gearing up to become a vigilante force in Numbani, and our 24th Overwatch hero. Efi_portrait

Here’s hoping she’s voiced by Terry Crews anyway…

Hopefully we learn more about this new character in the near future and what abilities she’ll have, but for now the leading fan theory is that Efi will be piloting a robotic spider, so that’s… uh something. Let’s just hope it makes more sense than Wild Wild West.

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