The Shadow of War trailer isn’t early, it arrived precisely when it meant to


So the Shadow of War trailer dropped today, which probably has nothing to do with the leak from yesterday… The sequel to Shadow of Mordor looks to be much like its predecessor, so stupidly not canon that it’s awesome.

The plot follows the continued raging against the machine of Gondorian ranger Talion, who shares his undead body with Elf/Wraith Celebrimbor. This time out it looks like the ridiculous duo have crafted their own ring of power to assault Sauron’s forces with.

We won’t know much about the gameplay until the gameplay trailer drops next week on March 8, but this trailer sure did focus on a Balrog erupting from the ground, so fingers crossed you can possess those bad boys.

Shadow of War is set for release on August 23. We’ll keep you posted with more news as we hear it.

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