Outlast 2 is coming to make you soil yourself next month


After a disappointing delay last year, Outlast 2 is now closed to being within our grasp. Developer Red Barrels today announced the follow up to their 2013 horror classic is launching digitally worldwide April 25.

Better budget for extra laundry powder and water consumption that week, what with all the shitting yourself you’re going to be doing.

Red Barrels made the announcement on Twitter today, with the caption “Welcome to Temple Gate,” and a creepy new image.

Red Barrels have also announced a physical edition of the Outlast franchise, dubbed the Outlast Trinity, containing the first game with all its DLC as well as the new installment. It also launches  April 25 for PS4 and Xbox One, but an Australian edition is unconfirmed at this time.

So there we have it, April 25 is the day we return to face creepy hillbillies, after Resident Evil 7 this past January.

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