Here’s a Shadow of War gameplay trailer worthy of Mordor


After a premature listing for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War on the Target website forced Warner Bros to play their hand and drop a cinematic trailer, everyone’s been anticipating the gameplay reveal.

Well, today’s the day, because Warner has released some 16 minutes of alpha footage outlining aspects of the improved Nemesis system as well as the game’s siege missions.

And while my colleague Charlie is yet to have his dreams of riding a Balrog confirmed, this trailer does confirm dragon riding will totally be a thing.

So it seems the personalities and behaviours of the Orcs will apply to our allies as well as our enemies, which sounds promising. The idea of friendly Orcs taking the chance to stab us in the back mid-siege I’m sure will lead to a lot of great betrayal stories, much like our various X-COM tales of woe.

One little side note, I hope the combat against regular enemies isn’t just “press X to win” in the full game like it was here. You had to earn those in Shadow of Mordor through pulling off combos in its Batman Arkham-like combat system, and it was awesome.

Shadow of War launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC August 23, 2017.

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