The use of amiibos in Breath of the Wild kind of sucks


It’s been widely reported that amiibos can generate loot in BOTW. Which, is pretty interesting, and kind of cool as a time saver when resource gathering, but the fact some of the items seemingly can’t be found in the game without these figures, is making my eyebrows rise to dangerous heights.

The most notable piece of loot is Epona, Link’s equine pal who is close to the heart of anyone who has spent time with the Zelda franchise. The amiibo that grants you access to your childhood memories is the original Smash Bros wave Link figure released in 2014, which hasn’t been seen on shop shelves for some time now.

So, the problem there seems pretty clear, right? The rare figures are now fetching high prices on ebay as people are desperate to get their hands on the iconic horse. The below is an extreme example, but I’ve also seen others going for AU$50 a pop, which is still steep for the small plastic figures.

You’re damn right that postage is free.

It’d be another thing if Epona were unlocked through one of the BOTW amiibos, which launched alongside the game and are readily available, but to add scarcity to something that the majority of Zelda fans would expect in the game seems, just… wrong.

Other powerful bonuses include the Hylian shield (obtained through the BOTW Zelda amiibo), but fortunately that can be found within the walls of Hyrule castle in-game. This does give me some vague hope that Epona can be encountered out in the wild, although from trawling forums, and through my own experience, nobody has found her yet. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is ticked off by this.


I’d never understood the purpose of amiibos until the Epona news reached my bewildered eyes. It’s kind of like microtransations, but with an added level of scarcity. Of course, you might feel differently about this all, but it’s certainly rubbing me the wrong way.

You can find out what other amiibos grant you in BOTW here

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