Destiny 2 leaked poster, release date, beta and PS exclusive content


Multiple images of a retail poster for Destiny 2 have supposedly leaked from Italian Gamestops, showcasing a somewhat revamped art style, Beta entrance for preorders, as well as a release date of September 8th.

You can tell it’s real from the pixels.

There are multiple sources confirming it’s real from Kotaku and Eurogamer. Kotaku also reports that its sources state Destiny 2 is coming to PC, will have a June beta and the official announcement is coming very soon. You might recall last year when ‘Rise of Iron’ was also leaked through a poster, with the official announcement a few weeks later.

The leaks are coming from that massive hole in the wall.

The fact that Destiny 2 is leaking the same way would suggest that Bungie and Activision either wanted it to for a little bit of free advertising, or they simply don’t care. After all, these type of small leaks will hardly have a negative impact on sales after all. They just tend to fuel anticipation instead.

Most people, myself included, are surprised that the title is going with a hard number rather than a subtitle. This does make sense to avoid confusing it as another expansion and instead cement Destiny 2 as a true sequel. Other images suggest that the text in the blue box in the top right corner states ‘Content Exclusive For PlayStation’ in Italian. That’s something that very few people, even on PlayStation, are going to be happy about.

There’s not much else to discern from the poster, other than the weapon foundries are being expanded upon with what appears to be a Suros shotgun and armor, and an Omolon auto rifle. The Guardians also appear to be fighting in the Last City, hinting that it’s a playable area. Plus they’re helmetless, suggesting that Activision will focus on a more human and emotive approach to the marketing for Destiny 2, compared to the original’s marketing material, which almost always kept the helmets on.

Yes, until we have more to go on I’m going to speculate about their marketing strategy. After all, that’s what half the franchise’s budget will be spent on.

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