Star Wars Battlefront II looks like it’s learned from the mistakes of the first


This morning we were treated to a trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II, which for reasons that escape me isn’t called Star Wars Battlefront IV.

A sequel to Battlefront‘s 2015 reboot, which had just a few problems, it looks like DICE/EA have learned from the past. The first reboot was a pretty lackluster experience, sure it looked amazing, but the gameplay was severely limited. With no campaign to speak of it was solely a multiplayer or solo bot fighting affair, which is inexcusable when you have the entire Star Wars canon to back up your game.

Are you an angel?

Fortunately this sequel is taking a leaf out of the original sequel’s book (2005 Battlefront II… this is going to get confusing)  by providing what looks like an extensive prequel/original/sequel spanning story. Mention of prequels may invert your sexual organs, but hey, some of the battles in those accursed films were fantastic.

The story will be canon as confirmed by Lucasfilm on stage at Star Wars Celebration. It’s not hard to see why the decision to include a campaign has been made, another EA franchise, Titanfallreceived critical acclaim for introducing a story into the sequel of a multiplayer only game.

The Supreme Leader is wise.

Oh, and topping all of this off, Battlefront II creative director Bernd Diemer told Mashable the game won’t have a season pass. Something which decimated the 2015 game, with slow content releases and a whopping price tag.

Battlefront II will release on November 17 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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