Nintendo announce a 2DS XL


Despite the launch of the Switch it seems Nintendo aren’t done with their DS handheld systems.

Much like the 3DS XL, the new 2DS XL will benefit from a larger screen… oh, and this time out hinges. It seems like a pretty great addition to the DS line, and it comes in some pretty awesome colour combos, with blue and black shown in the US trailer and white and gold surfacing on Nintendo’s Japanese site.

The 2DSXL has so far only been announced in the US with a release date of July 28 and a price tag of US$150, which equates to approximately AU$200.

It might seem jarring to see Nintendo announce a new line of older consoles so close to the recent launch of the Switch, but considering how great the 3DS library is we’re not complaining if more people can access it.

Looking good.

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