Prey speedrun clocks the game in 20 minutes


Speedrunners are crazy, you guys.

The act of seeing how quickly one can beat a video game is taken extremely seriously by the speedrunning community. They outline rules for each run, ranging from needing to complete the game 100%, just having to reach the end of the story, or even being limited to certain weapons/items. And then there’s the “anything goes” type of speedrun, where you do whatever you have to to get to the end, exploiting every glitch you can get your grubby digital mitts on in order to break the game and skip as much as possible.

The latter example is what brings us here today, because a speedrunner has managed to find a way to clock the recently released Prey in just under 20 minutes. 19 minutes and 34 seconds to be precise.

The speedrunner was DraQu, and he managed to pull it off by using Prey’s GLOO gun to create stepping stones that allowed him to glitch outside the walls of Talos I. From there, it was a long climb to the top by firing more GLOO clumps up the vertical outer surface to the Arboterum. You can watch his entire run in this YouTube video, but be warned that you should stop watching at around the eight minute mark to avoid SPOILERS.


As someone who spent about three hours last night going through the opening areas of Prey, seeing someone just glitch right past it in a couple minutes is pretty eye opening. But that’s speedrunning for you!

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