Nintendo Switch dock sets are coming to Australia


Nintendo will be releasing additional Switch docks on the 26th of May with a recommended retail price of $129.95

Originally announced for US markets, the product will make its way down under and allow Switch owners the benefit of easily transitioning between TVs in their house. The sets include the same dock, HDMI cable and AC adapter that came with the console.

This isn’t the cheapest accessory to date, especially considering the Switch docks have been criticised in the past for their cheap plastic feel and apparent proneness to scratching the consoles.

If you’re like me and want to protect your Switch like it’s your own flesh and blood, you can purchase dock socks, which cover the plastic dock with a microfiber protector. For pieces of fabric they’re not the cheapest things out there either, but if you’re not too fussed on design you can snatch one up for under $20 on Etsy.

That design was the cheapest I could find.

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