The Witcher looks to be heading to Netflix


According to a press release surfacing on Platige, which is a polish graphics, 3D animation, and special effects firm, there could be a TV series of The Witcher coming to Netflix.

The polish fantasy franchise consists of eight novels, three of which are short story collections, by Andrzej Sapkowski, but is perhaps best known by the trilogy of games. The release states that Sapkowski, who is notoriously protective of adaptations, will act as a creative consultant.

The live action trailer was cool enough.

We’ll hold off on celebrating too much until this news is solidified and we learn more, but it isn’t too much of a shock considering a live action film was allegedly in the works and the fact the stories of The Witcher would lend themselves better to TV.

As a massive fan of the books and games this is a great opportunity to encourage you all to read/play them if you haven’t already. It’s some of the best fantasy out there!

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