Blizzard tease a new Overwatch hero, and it looks like he’s a gorilla


Overwatch fans will be familiar with vague character reveals by now. Sombra was painfully revealed through an augmented reality game (ARG), something which Blizzard learned from with the rather speedy announcement of Orisa.

Well, it looks like another hero is on the horizon (high-five to those who get the terrible joke) , and one that could be closely related to Winston. On the Overwatch blog a series of messages have appeared from the Horizon Lunar Colony, which for those unfamiliar with Overwatch lore, is where Winston was raised and genetically augmented, giving him super intelligence. Winston wasn’t the only gorilla, but he was the best behaved. His fellow captives became aggressive for an unknown reason and compromised the colony.

The messages revealed by Blizzard explore that event:

It’s apparent that apart from Winston, another of the Colony specimens evaded capture, a gorilla named Hammond. It looks like we could be getting the colony as a map, and another ape joining the cast of playable heroes. Fingers crossed for gorilla Doomfist!!

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