Highlights from the Xbox showcase – E3 2017


So E3 2017 is in full swing, with the Xbox showcase taking place this morning. There were hardware announcements, gameplay reveals and given Xbox were keen to say they had 42 games to present, plenty of titles just dropped with no real information. Yay!

Roll up your sleeves, because we’re about to delve into the hype. Here’s what went down:

Xbox One X was revealed

Goodbye Project Scorpio, hello Xbox One X. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer took to the stage to unveil the new look for the console, resembling an Xbox One S only black and allegedly smaller, as well as discuss the specs and capabilities of the console. Specifically, he really wanted us all to know it can run games in 4K, because he said it a bajillion times.

Head over here for the full breakdown of the One X’s specs, price and November release date.

They do say black is slimming.

Porsche debuts a new car for some reason. Oh and Forza Motorsport 7 is a thing

I don’t know about you guys, but I tuned in to the old internets at some ungodly hour of the morning (for a public holiday) to watch a video game announcements presentation. That’s why I was a little confused when the guy giving the Forza Motorsport 7 presentation wheeled out a new Porsche car for its world debut.

Cool, I guess? Anyway, here’s the Forza trailer:

New Metro game

Developer 4A Games are bringing a third game to their Metro series: Metro Exodus. The gameplay trailer, which admittedly looked very smoothed out and orchestrated, began in the dark underground tackling mutant dogs before heading topside to the bright surface. There the player fought a giant bear looking thing, before swinging to safety and catching a train.

Never played a lot of the other Metro games, but this one looks cool!

Assassin’s Creed: Origins is announced, for reals this time

After a whole bunch of “leaks” this past week, Ubisoft officially presented the new Assassin’s Creed. Titled Origins (the word you use in a title when you can’t think of any other words), the game takes place in Ancient Egypt and focuses on the birth of the Assassin’s Brotherhood.

The presenter hinted at there being more “RPG elements” present in this Creed game, although he didn’t go into specifics. The gameplay demonstration briefly showed an inventory management system, so there’s that. The protagonist also has an eagle companion that can scout ahead for him, Far Cry Primal style.

Battlegrounds will launch on Xbox One when it’s finished

The internet’s current favourite trolling simulator Battlegrounds is headed to Xbox One. The online, DayZ-esque deathmatch game will feature enhancements for Xbox One X as well.

State of Decay 2 looks bleak and bloody

State of Decay is returning with a sequel! I only ever gave the original one a quick try, and I liked the premise of what I saw so I’d be interested in giving this a look. Couple that with the bleakness of executing liability squad mates and the horror of seeing your favourite characters ripped part by bloated zombies, and I’m in.

The Darwin Project is an eSports Hunger Games type thing

Very little info was given on this game in its presentation, but having Jethro Tull up on stage shouting commentary certainly drove home the eSports vibe of The Darwin Project. A press release following the show however detailed a battle royale type scenario seeing seven players hunting each other down while an eighth acting as “Show Director”. The Director can influence the flow of the match, aiding the underdog or challenging the frontrunner.

Minecraft is getting visual and cross play enhancements

In conjunction with Xbox One X coming out, Minecraft is getting a visual upgrade in Spring to include 4K textures, advanced lighting and new visual effects.

But more interesting, developer Mojang said they’ll be using Xbox Live to unify Minecraft’s multiplayer across “mobile, VR, PC and consoles.” The trailer shows block characters approaching tablets, PCs, an Xbox and a Nintendo Switch, but no sign of a Playstation, so one can assume the cross play won’t come to Sony’s platform.

Dragonball FighterZ announced

Never been a big Dragonball kind of guy, but if you’re a fan of the show and love fighting games then here’s the best news you’ll see all day. There’s more flashing lights, super-fast moves and crazy hairdos then you can poke a kamehameha at.

Black Desert, fantasy MMO

No real details about this were revealed, but here’s a trailer of the Xbox port of the Korean MMO. Comes out next year apparently.

The Last Night, pretty side scroller

An arty, neon, Blade Runner-esque looking side scroller? Cool.

The Artful Escape, another pretty side scroller

An arty, neon side scroller only this time you’re a guitar shredding astronaut? DOUBLE COOL.

Sea of Thieves reminds us all it still exists

Hey, remember Sea of Thieves, that online “shared universe” pirate game announced in 2015? Well here it is again, this time with a gameplay demo. I haven’t been particularly hyped or really following this game much at all, but if this demo is anything to go by it sure seems interesting.

The idea of working co-operatively with friends as the crew of a pirate ship certainly tickles my fancy, and the art style and ship-to-ship combat looks fun. I also kind of the dig the dad-jokey pirate narrating the whole thing. But I dunno, maybe I’m too cynical, but I’m just not over the moon for it. Definitely one to watch, as I’m happy to be proven wrong.

Tacoma is, uh, something?

Thanks to the super vague trailer, played with no introduction and no developer follow up, I had no idea what Tacoma is. A quick Google search told me it’s the next game from Fullbright, of Gone Home fame. Awesome! Here’s the trailer.

Super Lucky’s Tale looks like a cute platformer

A 3D side scroller, looks like a cool game for the youngin’s.

Cuphead is launching in September, FINALLY

My fellow editor Charlie will be excited about this one, Cuphead finally has a release date: September 29 on Xbox One and PC. The brutally hard, Steamboat Willy animation styled platformer has been in development for quite some time, we even played it way back at PAX Aus 2015, but it’s soon going to see the light of day.

Crackdown 3 releases November 7, 2017

Terry Crews appeared in this trailer to tell us to “get ready to BOOM” when Crackdown 3 arrives on Xbox One and PC November 7, 2017. Not much else to say really, just sit back and enjoy the BOOMs.

A crazy montage of ID@Xbox games

At this point in the show, Xbox made good on their promise to present 42 games during their showcase by blasting through a whole bunch of indie ID@Xbox games so quickly you barely had a chance to register any of them.

Feel bad for the small timers who were excited to be shown at E3 only to end up in 2 seconds of this video.

Ashen looks eerie as balls

We don’t know a whole lot about this game, all I know is the faceless art style is creeping me out. I’m intrigued.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Not to be confused with Life is Strange 2 currently being developed by Dontnod, Before the Storm is a three-episode prequel to the original game debuting August 31. It focuses on Chloe and Rachel before the events of the first game, so one can assume the time travel mechanic central to that one won’t be featuring. Who knows what will replace it!

Man, I gotta finish Life is Strange

Shadow of War’s kickass, bogan Orc

Monolith showed off some more of their recently delayed Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. The demo featured a few things, like possessing Orc generals, organising your army in preparation to assault camps, and the like.

But the true highlight was Bruz the Chopper, the towering, bogan sounding Orc converted into Talon’s army at the beginning of the trailer. His quips were off chops (get it?), and hopefully are an indication of many Orcs having their own distinct personalities throughout the rest of the game.

Onya Bruz, if I see you in Mordor come October 10, tinnies are on me.

Ori gets a sequel, looks adorable and bleak as shit

The trailer for Ori and the Will of the Wisps, sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest, began with composer Gareth Coker playing live piano accompaniment, so already we knew we were in for some feels. What followed was the depiction of a bright, beautiful water colour landscape, with the cutest owl you’ve ever seen staring sadly into the distance, while its glowing dragon friend comforted it.

Keen to check this out, as I liked the original Ori, just hopefully they’ve altered the frustrating as hell progress mechanics.

Xbox original games are coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility

Yeah, that headline pretty much sums it up. Much like Xbox 360 games, Xbox original titles will be made playable on a case by case basis, including Crimson Skies, which Phil Spencer said is a much requested title.

It’s nice to see Xbox cares about its history, allowing these classic games to be revisited like classic films. You paying attention Sony?!

Bioware debuts Anthem gameplay

Announced yesterday in the EA conference, Bioware busted out their new IP Anthem to round out the show. It’s a sci-fi, open world, third person, co-op RPG by the looks of things, where players build and customise exosuits and traverse a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Setting and aesthetic intrigues me, and it’s always nice to see new AAA IP at E3. Hopefully Mass Effect: Andromeda was a rare setback and this turns out to be awesome.

So there we have it, another showcase down. What were your thoughts on Xbox’s showing this year? Let us know in the comments.

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