Xbox One X revealed, launching November at $649 in Australia – E3 2017


During their E3 stage show this morning (AEST time), Microsoft lifted the veil on Project Scorpio, now dubbed the Xbox One X.

They reaffirmed the specs previously revealed by Digital Foundry in April, with the six teraflop GPU, 12GB of RAM and 326GB/s memory bandwidth, but through in some new little tidbits as well. The Xbox One X will feature a liquid cooled vapour chamber setup in order to not have the thing melt under the sheer weight of its teraflops, along with a power management system constantly optimising the efficiency of the processor with the cooling depending on the task.

Oh, and they plan to fit all this into the smallest Xbox console ever. So yeah, that’s something!

Here’s a look at the unit itself:

Back in black.

Microsoft also announced the One X will launch worldwide on November 7 for $499USD. The Australian price has been confirmed as $649AUD, surprisingly a little cheaper than a direct currency conversion.

More info as we have it. For more E3 news, stay tuned to LoadScreen.

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