Highlights from the Ubisoft showcase – E3 2017


So Ubisoft’s conference took place at 5am in Australia when we were well and truly snoozing. But without further delay, here’s the highlights from their showcase, with a couple of big surprises in there.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle actually looks… good?

As a general concept, this game seems like a massive garbage fire. But it’s hard to stay mad at something when Shigeru Miyamoto takes to the stage with a gun glove. The gameplay itself looks like XCOM, so… that’s a thing?

Skull and Bones is Assassin’s Creed Black Flag without any of the AC

Considering pirates are in vogue for some reason, it’s cool to see Ubi releasing a new online open-world pirate IP.  You can sign up for the beta now. It’s currently pegged for a US Fall 2018 release.

Beyond Good and Evil II is a thing

A thing indeed! The prequel will have an online multiplayer component and was a highlight of the presentation.

Assassin’s Creed Origins looks like a reinvention of the stale series

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Assassin’s Creed, the series has churned out way too many titles in my opinion. But this one looks different, and could breathe some fresh life into the series with Far Cry like elements. Available October 27.

Transference is a creepy VR title featuring Frodo Baggins

Looks like a head fuck. No thanks.

Fight through space in Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Looks like a pretty cool little dog fighting game, but the addition of toys that interact with gameplay make it noteworthy. Fans of cluttered desks may love this. Slated for a US Fall 2018 release.

Far Cry 5 shakes up the series

Far Cry is another series that’s in good need of some innovation, and Far Cry 5 looks to have that with its setting and story. Also, you have a dog, so that’s a massive win.

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