That’s You first impressions: PlayStation’s PlayLink makes party games easy


That’s You is the first title to show off PlayStation’s new PlayLink feature, allowing players to game together using smart phone apps along with their PS4. At a media session on Monday I was fortunate to play a couple rounds and gauge how it all works.

Drawing on selfies is just part of the fun.

As a gameThat’s You and the PlayLink mechanics will be familiar to those who’ve played Jackbox collections, albeit with higher production value and a more family friendly approach. Using prompts across different scenarios, those in the game – with up to six players – vote on the player who fits a prompt best, doodle on pictures, complete a sentence, or mimic an on-screen image with a selfie.

If your player nomination or selected favourite answer/drawing aligns with the majority of other picks, you score points, and you can score double points if you throw down a joker token to back up an answer you’re confident on. Limited joker tokens makes gambling on an answer a strategic and risky endeavour, but it did allow for sudden upsets on the leader board, making it an exciting mechanic.

So wholesome given the unlimited dick drawing potential.

To give you an example of how it all works, apparently it was unanimously agreed that I would be most likely to save a worm from a footpath, and fellow LoadScreen Editor Tom was most likely to hold the rule book during a board game night. All innocent enough, until you got the chance to complete a sentence another player is likely to say, or doodle on some selfies.

With freedom like this it helps to know your fellow players pretty well, which can make That’s You a bit awkward to play with strangers. Whilst I’m comfortable drawing dicks on Tom or close friend Ryan from The PopCulturists, it felt a bit inappropriate with people I’d just met. After a little while we did warm up as a group and get a bit cheekier, but it still was pretty tame in comparison to game nights with close friends. But hey, family friendly fun is fine, and the more you get to know the people around you the better That’s You gets.

So very wholesome.

As an introduction to PlayLink, That’s You shows the possibilities of the set up, and with a group choose your own adventure style game in the works from Until Dawn developers Supermassive Games, the prospects here are exciting.

That’s You is available today (July 4) for PSN members as part of their subscription, and for purchase tomorrow (July 5) for everyone else with a retail price of AU$24.95.

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