Doomfist arrives on Overwatch PTR


After a rumour mill that has been churning since before Overwatch actually released, the long awaited villain Doomfist has joined the cast of playable characters. Earlier in the week a snippet of lore was releases detailing Doomfist being broken out of jail by Talon and Reaper, which seemed to signal a possible month long run down of info before a release, but here we are, a few days later and you can play him!

Doomfist is now live in the PTR, which we’ll be checking out shortly, and will hopefully be in the base game within a number of weeks.

You can see the villain’s introduction video below:

Here’s a run down of the latest offensive hero’s abilities, he is unsurprisingly melee focused, but with a projectile attack on hand (shitty pun intended).

Hand Cannon -A short-range burst projectile fired from his fist. Ammo regenerates over time.

Seismic Slam – A leap and smash attack that knocks enemies towards him.

Rising Uppercut – Uppercuts enemies into the air.

Rocket Punch – A charge and lunge attack that knocks enemies back, dealing additional damage if they hit wall.

The Best Defense – A passive ability that generates temporary shields when he deals ability damage.

Meteor Strike – Doomfist’s Ult, where he leaps into the air and crashes to the ground, dealing area of effect damage.

Sadly Doomfist – real name Akande Ogundimu – is not voiced by Terry Crews as once was hinted by the muscly star.

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