Destiny 2’s beta should appeal to new fans


I’ll be the first to admit that the original Destiny left me with a resounding meh. Personally, I found the game to fall flat in terms of narrative and gameplay, but this was back in the early days of release. To say the least I was hesitant going into the Destiny 2 early access beta – which is now live on PlayStation 4 and will be live on Xbox One tomorrow ahead of the open console beta running July 21-23.

Well, I’m pleased to report that I may be a convert after playing through the opening narrative section. Destiny 2 gets its hooks in way faster than the original, with full throttle action requiring you to steam through an onslaught of Red Legion forces converging on The Last City. With higher stakes, in which the Guardians are in a state of crisis and ruin, I’m more compelled to keep playing than ever before.

Pictured: High stakes.

I know a lot of players go to games like Destiny for the loot progression and rolling raids, but for me a strong narrative defines the experience. I find it hard to progress through tooth and nail battles if the objectives seem vague, I need to invest in the action. And thankfully the action and pacing in Destiny 2 seems more fluid than before, with a good selection of weapons available from the get go. Pushing through the city and storming an enemy vessel seem tangibly paramount to your character’s survival, making it a hard to put down experience. It’s also not necessary to know a ton of lore, at least initially, as the situation of bad alien dudes attacking human settlement is easy enough to jump into.

I’ll hold off on the heavy analysis and leave that to our resident hardcore Destiny writer, but so far the game gets a tick of approval from me. Enough writing, time to get back into it!

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