The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 announced


A second season of The Wolf Among Us is coming in 2018, Telltale Games announced overnight in their Summer Update 2017 press conference.

Little detail was given regarding the exact storyline of the follow up to their 2014 smash hit, but Telltale showed a little teaser trailer and confirmed stars Erin Yvette and Adam Harrington will return as Snow White and Bigby Wolf respectively.

Here’s the teaser:

Personally, I’m super excited for this one. I regard the first Wolf Among Us season to be one of Telltale’s best, second only to the first season of The Walking Dead. 

Also announced was a second season of Batman, subtitled The Enemy Within, and a fourth season of The Walking Dead, bringing Clementine’s story to a close. Batman is due to start next month, while The Walking Dead is scheduled for 2018.

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