Trees will mess you up in first person Battlegrounds servers

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FPP servers are now available in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds for NA, EU and AS regions. The update allows players to battle it out only in first-person mode, which makes the already sweat inducing game that much more terrifying.

I decided to jump into a solo round and try my hand at the new mode, and luckily for me, my first FPP round would also be in the rain, making it that much more terrifying!

Sneaking through the map and stocking up had my adrenaline well and truly going. Fortunately I managed to loot a suppressor for my AK relatively early on, and was pretty confident in my shooting skills. After speeding a bike through a red zone – which was totally badass- I was on my way to the inner circles.


Dear Michael Bay, if you want to buy the rights to this moment let’s talk.

The player count slowly whittled down to the final 10, and I was still alive and kicking – with a kill under my belt to boot. As the final circles began to loom on the horizon things were noticeably more tense than with regular old PUBG, people were creeping up slowly and hardly any shots were flying. Constantly turning my head with the limited axis granted to you in FPP, I was visibly shaking. More players dropped – leaving only six of us alive.

Crawling onward through the grass I spotted another player about 10 metres in-front of me, I unloaded on him, racking up another kill. I waited for shots to rain down upon me, but no, the silencer did its trick. With only half a clip in my rifle I frantically crawled on top of him and looted his supplies then necked a couple of energy drinks.

There were only three of us left now. A player in a bold move jumps into a crouch out of the long grass to take a shot, I wait for him to fire before dropping him. Turns out he missed his target, so it’s now me and one other person. I crawl up behind a tree and wait for signs of movement, which is when I see the last guy brazenly running in the open. I have the drop on him! Chicken dinner time!

Fuck. Trees. That deciduous bastard transported my gun into another realm and laughed as my dinner was snatched straight from the plate.

This isn’t over, trees.

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