Xbox Gamescom roundup: New consoles, trailers and JURASSIC PARK


Gamescom 2017 doesn’t officially start for a couple more days, but that doesn’t mean the big publishers aren’t going to start dropping announcements. First cab off the rank is Xbox, bringing with them a bunch of new trailers for already announced games, some Xbox One console announcements, and a trailer for a whole new game that I bet you can’t guess what it is.


So, here we go!

Assassin’s Creed: Origins cinematic trailer goes all True Detective

Following its gameplay debut at E3Assassin’s Creed: Origins got a slick cinematic trailer in Xbox’s Gamescom presentation.  As the new game is set in Ancient Egypt, there’s a lot of Ancient Egyptian tropes jam packed in the trailer: Pharaohs, scorpions, slaves building pyramids, embalming, what have you. Beyond the establishment of the reigning Pharaoh, a woman paces around model of the great pyramids before rudely displacing a scorpion in favour of a statue of a Roman general. Perhaps an aspect of the Cleopatra/Julius Caesar parts of history will play a role in the game?

The whole thing ends with some cool bow-n-arrow action, including an incredibly bad ass/probably impossible foot shot. And is it just me or did the soundtrack playing throughout give off some serious True Detective vibes? Just me, okay.

Jurassic World Evolution, uh, finds a way (to being a thing)

Holy Velociraptors in the kitchen, a new Jurassic Park game! Okay, okay, yes it’s a Jurassic World game, but shut up, we’re having fun.

Coming out of nowhere, Frontier, the developers of Elite Dangerous, announced the new game where players will construct their own Jurassic Worlds, bioengineer new dinosaur species (because that worked out so well for the characters in the 2015 film), make attractions and run the park. The trailer description also makes mention that “every choice leads to a different path and spectacular challenges arise when ‘life finds a way.’”

Will this mean that that meme about a Jurassic Park game where the first half is a strategy park building game and then the second half is an action game dealing with a habitat breach could finally be happening?

Probably not, memes don’t make games (mostly). But whatever Jurassic Park Evolution does turn out to be is due out in 2018 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 an PC.

Minecraft Xbox One S looks…interesting?

Yes, there’s going to be a limited edition 1TB Minecraft Xbox One S. And it looks pretty cool, I guess? The Creeper controller is a nice touch.

I’m one of those people who thinks fancy console colour schemes look great in all the promo shots and trailers, but when it comes down to it I wouldn’t like them in my TV cabinet, so I stick with the usual black or white.  But hey, if people like it, go for it! It comes out October 3.

ReCore is being remastered for some reason

ReCore, the Xbox One and PC exclusive action platformer from last year, is getting a Definitive Edition on August 29. The original game was met with a pretty luke warm receptionincluding from yours truly, but the developers are bringing it back with higher resolution textures, HDR support, a new vehicle-esque Corebot companion and a new adventure called “Eye of Obsidian”. Owners of the original game will get the Definitive Edition updates free of charge.

As to whether the remaster will fix the excruciatingly long load times, the momentum breaking slog of barriers requiring Prismatic Cores in the second act, and the nuisance of discovering your maximum two Corebots aren’t the ones you need to collect certain Cores and having to trudge back to where you can swap them out and then come back is unknown at this time.

World of Tanks will get 4K Xbox One X support

Headline says it all really: World of Tanks is going to have true 4K support on Xbox One X.

And ID@Xbox montage to remind you Battlegrounds and Cuphead are on their way

There’s a whole lot of indie games bound for Xbox One, if this montage trailer is anything to go by. There’s some cool looking games in there, even though most of them are barely discernible in their quick glance. The highlights though are definitely Fullbright Company’s Tacoma, read our review of that here, the Steamboat Willie-meets-crushing-difficulty platformer Cuphead, and the online PC juggernaut PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Hopefully they fix up the trees in the latter before the final release.

Shadow of War has a butt-tonne of monsters

Shadow of War may be the promising looking sequel to a surprisingly stellar game that has now been tainted by the dreaded bullshit that is microtransactions, but we can all rest assured it’s going to have some creepy looking monsters in it. This “Monsters Trailer” features a lot of cool critters to add to the already revealed roster of orcs, goblins, dragons and Balrogs, particularly if they can be possessed by Talion.

Guess we’ll find out on October 11.

Xbox One X gets a special edition console that sold out, and then didn’t?

After being leaked and reported on late last week, Microsoft unveiled the Project Scorpio edition of the Xbox One X. The system looks pretty much exactly the same, but features the console’s development codename in green writing on the face plate and vertically up the centre of the controller. Other than that, it’s the same machine under the hood, so really this edition is there for those of us who thought the Project Scorpio codename was much cooler than the final name.

There’s reports flying around the internet that Microsoft sold out of these things earlier today, but then the preorder links came back, so it seems like initial reports were incorrect. However, at the time of writing EB Games’ website won’t let you preorder one, so these things are clearly moving quickly.


And that’s the round up for now! More Gamescom news as we have it.

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