Overwatch hero updates: Mercy won’t be dishing out team revives and D.Va gets a new ability


The sheer crushing disappointment of seeing Mercy revive an entire team won’t be around much longer. In a hero balance update that is now live on the PTR, Mercy has a new ultimate, and her revive ability is now a slow to regenerate secondary that can only resurrect one teammate at a time.

You can see lead designer Jeff Kaplan discuss the changes in the video below:

Mercy’s new ultimate, Valkyrie, will let her fly for an unlimited amount of time for its duration and enhance her already existing abilities, including chain healing or damage boosting across friendly heroes, and faster regen on her resurrect ability. In this mode Mercy will also be given a damage boost herself, so fear not you crazy battle Mercy players!

Enter the matrix.

Also recently altered is D.Va, who will be receiving a reduced amount of time to her defence matrix, but will gain a new ability in the form of micro missiles, which fires a small barrage of missiles at enemies. D.Va will now also be able to fire her primary weapons when flying. These changes are live in the PTR currently.

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