Destiny 2 on PC: Beta than console


I covered most of my general thoughts about the Destiny 2 beta in my analysis of the console beta, so I’ll keep most of my focus on how the game performs on PC.

In short: Destiny 2’s PC version seems to be the pinnacle of the game. The PS4 version can keep all its exclusives, and Xbox can keep its nothing of value; the PC is where the game runs smoothest and is the most visually stunning.

It’s not bad aim. It’s just a warning shot.

I’m not even running an amazing PC with the MSI GP62 Leopard Pro, which is a mid-range gaming laptop. At 1080p, the video settings defaulted at medium for me, though I managed to push a couple of things higher and still maintained a steady FPS just shy of 60. I can’t even run Bayonetta this well.

The complete video options list. Obviously not my settings *cry*

If you’re struggling to maintain a decent FPS, remember to exit the app once you launch Destiny 2, as some players reported an increase of up to 10 frames. And if you’re like me and simply hate, it’s possible to launch Destiny through Steam through a short process that one Reddit user outlines here.

There are a couple of other gripes I had with the PC beta. Firstly, is the lack of public text chat. Communication to strangers was limited to ‘whispers’ (direct messages) unless you manually added each player to your Fireteam. This is remains true for the Farm social space, which many players were hoping would be SOCIAL.

Get it? It’s a farm because Destiny is about FARMING loot!

Aim assist is a potential issue. Just like with Overwatch’s beta, Destiny 2’s beta had full controller support with AA. And just like with Overwatch, you can use third party accessories to dummy your keyboard and mouse as a controller to maintain the benefits of AA. Either Bungie needs to have the greatest anti-cheat system ever or they need to keep AA strictly to PVE.

Bullet magnetism also seemed to be a feature in the PC version. LevelCapGaming did an analysis of his own gameplay and found that shots he should have been missing still connected.

This is the frame before he fires and the bullet still hits. I can’t even shoot someone directly in front.

This is due to weapons having a hidden aim assist stats which influences bullet magnetism and is one of the reasons why gunplay on the consoles still feels snappy. But while Destiny is a casual shooter, magnetism felt out of place on PC’s more competitive and precise environment.

Other than that, both the PVE and PVP gameplay felt smooth and natural on PC. Plus, many of the gripes people had with the console beta, like slow Super charges and power ammo drops, had been adjusted for a much more positive and consistent experience. But if you want the best experience, I definitely recommend changing the keybindings from the awkward defaults.

Only a masochist uses the X, C or V keys.

Kudos to Vicarious Vision; just as they did a N.Mazing job porting the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy to PS4, they’ve done an equal job porting Destiny to the PC. There’s even small touches like having the taskbar icon blink if you’ve found a multiplayer match while Destiny is minimised.

If your PC can run it, this is the version of Destiny 2 to buy. Just note that Luke Smith confirmed you’ll need to remain on the same platform to earn your veteran awards from the first Destiny, whatever they may be.

Unfortunately, the PC version doesn’t release until October, so looks like I’ll still be grabbing the console version next week anyway. It’ll feel sluggish, but it’s Destiny.

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