Knack 2 accidentally available for free on Aussie PSN Store


While I’m sure most of you out there are gearing up to jump into Destiny 2 today, anyone who was holding out for Knack 2 have been treated to a surprise: it’s currently listed as free on the PSN Store.

It would certainly explain that Five Star rating.

We tested it ourselves, and once you complete your cart transaction of zero dollars, a download of the full 35gb of Knack 2 begins, so it’s definitely not the demo.

No word from Sony yet as to what has happened, although it’s most likely a glitch, but according to Press Start it’s been like this for the past two hours at the time of writing. The issue reportedly affects the Australian, New Zealand and Russian PSN Stores.

Of course, once this is all fixed one would imagine Sony will revoke the licences of all the free copies from any accounts that downloaded them, so don’t get your hopes up. If you’re really that keen, Knack 2 is available in stores today.

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