Five starting tips for Destiny 2


Like every other reviewer, we’re still grinding our way through Destiny 2, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t already learnt a few things. So, if you haven’t had the time to fully invest yourself into Bungie’s loot-pit, or you’re just plain stuck, here are some quick tips that will help you catch up or give you a smoother experience.

Levelling is more streamlined

As with The Taken King and Rise of Iron, you have two ‘level categories’, your character level (1-20) and your gear level (which goes into the hundreds). Thankfully, you no longer need to equip your best gear when picking up new engrams, as Destiny 2’s systems will analyse your inventory and calculate your highest power level. But there are a couple of ways to optimise your farming.

Engram levels are locked once you earn them, so save any vendor materials, like EDZ tokens, until you’re at least level 20 when you can use legendary engrams. I cashed in some tokens at level 8 and will be rewarded with a low power engram at 20.

The gold region chests, which are marked with a ‘+’ symbol on your map, also provide levelled loot, so I’d suggest opening them once you’re struggling to increase your gear level. If you want to farm at a lower level, just focus on playing the campaign or completing public events, you’ll get plenty of gear on the way. And if you get stuck with some weak boots or power weapons, buy some basic gear from a vendor (their stock rotates) as cash is easy to earn in Destiny 2.

Unfortunately, the beard is not for sale.

Make public events more rewarding

As in the original Destiny, public events are special missions available to everyone playing in a patrol zone, and are easy to track down thanks to Destiny 2’s maps. These recur a few times every hour on each planet, and always reward good gear. At least early on in your career.

But you can make the loot even more rewarding by triggering the event into its harder heroic version. Each event is different and so are the heroic requirements. So far I’ve found one of the easiest is the Spider Tank event on Titan. The standard event has you simply kill the tank, but to activate the heroic mode, you need to take down six power nodes. You do this by depositing the arc charges that the tank drops when you destroy a leg. You’ll then gain access to some scorch cannons while another Spider Tank lands, which you’ll also have to destroy.

If you want to know how to trigger the other Heroic Events, Datto has a great video covering most of them. Just be warned of minor location spoilers.

Hopefully you don’t have crippling arachnophobia.

Consider saving class upgrade points

Every time you level up you earn an upgrade point to spend on perks for you subclass. But once you unlock your essentials, like a better jump or grenade, consider saving your points for the next subclass.

For example, I’m playing with as a Hunter so I was stuck with the Arcstrider subclass early in the campaign, which I HATE. So, I saved my points until I unlocked the Gunslinger class and was instantly able to upgrade it to max power for max pew pew pews.

I just want to be more like Cayde.

The microtransactions aren’t cosmetic

Bad news. You do get gear and equipment upgrades from the Bright Engrams, which are purchased with cash once you hit level 20. Good news, you should still be able to get a decent amount of these upgrades from playing normally as rewards. You even get a free Bright Engram every time you level up past level 20, so don’t worry too much about Eververse.

Shut up and don’t take my money.

My most important tip

Pressing ‘Options’ and the touchpad on PS4, or ‘Start’ and ‘Select’ on Xbox, at the same time will instantly open the map screen. It doesn’t seem like much, but otherwise you’re wasting a precious second holding down a button every time you need to open your map.

And that’s a second that you could be shooting aliens.

This could be you!

Have you got any more tips for Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments!

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