Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris reveal – 5 things we learned


Today, Bungie lifted the veil on Destiny 2’s upcoming Curse of Osiris DLC during a Twitch stream, and some sites even had access to the whole campaign to give their early impressions. If you want to go through every gory detail that Bungie revealed, the hour-long stream can be viewed here. Otherwise, here are the five main takeaways.

1: Leviathan raid expansion

Rather than getting an entirely new raid, the Leviathan is being expanded with new environments in its underbelly, new encounters and a new boss. I’m a little disappointed that we’re not getting a new Vex raid, but I am excited to see the continuation of the Cabal Emperor’s story and his world devouring ship. Bungie also confirmed that Destiny 2′s second expansion will also add new Leviathan content.

2: New locations on Mercury

We already know that we’ll get to visit the Lighthouse from Destiny 1, but what’s really interesting is the new patrol zone, the Infinite Forest. This zone is particularly unique as its areas are randomised, so each time you visit, you’ll have access to new areas, or places will be in different orders. We won’t be 100% sure what it’s like until we experience it ourselves, but Bungie has said that it will be home to the biggest public event yet.

3: Power level increases

You know the drill by now. New content, higher power level. Curse of Osiris will increase the base level cap to 25, and the power level cap to 330 (335 with legendary mods). Based on this, I’d expect the second expansion next year to increase the power cap to 350, based on in-game tool tips; but it’s a little early to be worrying about that yet.

4: Heroic strikes are back

One of the most requested features on the Destiny Reddit has been the Heroic Strike Playlist from Rise of Iron. This playlist increased the difficulty, added gameplay modifiers and a points and medals system so you could track how good you were. Unfortunately, all we can confirm so far is that the power level for Heroic strikes is bumped to 270. Quite low considering we’ll all be targeting 335 power.

On the topic of strikes, there are a new two that you’ll play during the campaign and become available in the strike playlists. Something I was disappointed in the main game was that the strikes fit in the story, but weren’t available during the campaign, so I’m glad that’s been addressed.

5: The campaign may be disappointing

A few sites have had the opportunity to play through the campaign and give their impressions. One thing in common that they talk about is that the narrative delivers on the lore in a very satisfying way and that Mercury is a great new setting.

But the concerning thing is what IGN had to say in their gameplay video. The campaign is relatively short (only a few hours) and self-contained in that it doesn’t feel tied to anything from the main narrative that most players are familiar with. The Vex are also back with some new looks but, aside from bosses, they don’t have any new mechanics.

What I would be expecting from Curse of Osiris is an expansion better than Dark Below or House of Wolves, but definitely less than Taken King or even Rise of Iron.

Hopefully the next info stream will provide some reassurances before the launch next month. Until then you can enjoy the opening cinematic, which takes place in the Vault of Glass!

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