Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for PS4, Xbox One and Switch


Seven years after its last mainline English language release with Valkyria Chronicles II on the PlayStation Portable, Sega has now announced the return of the action/strategy hybrid franchise to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Set in the fictional continent of Europa, players controlled a small squad of units as they take down the opposing army with a unique mix of turn based strategic gameplay and third person shooter action.

Considered something of a sleeper hit outside its native Japan, the Valkyria Chronicles franchise was introduced in 2009 on the PS3, followed up by a direct sequel released on the PSP. However, sales were not sufficient for the third game in the series, also on the PSP, to receive an official English language localisation.

The series has been primed for a return to Western shores however with the Steam rerelease of the first Valkyria Chronicles game, as well as a spin-off hack and slash game, Valkyria Revolution, which was released on the PS4 earlier this year.

Unlike that game, however, the newly announced fourth title will be returning to the first game’s setting of the Second Europan War, and to the strategic gameplay of the first three instalments, albeit centred on a new cast of characters and events not covered by the other games.

Hopefully this new instalment brings the series back on track after the somewhat mixed reception to Valkyria Revolution (we gave it a 5). Valkryia Chronicles 4 is due out sometime in 2018.

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