E3 2018: The best of Bethesda’s conference


We’re well and truly underway with E3 2018, with announcements firing off and vaguely interesting trailers hitting the internet.

Without further delay let’s sink our teeth into the best of Bethesda’s showcase.

Fallout 76 HYP3

It’s no secret that I’m breaking ranks from being cynical to be incredibly hyped for this game, and the conference delivered the goods to satisfy that hype with a tonne of information. Bethesda confirmed Fallout 76 will be an online “soft-core” survival game, with PVE and PVP elements. Players can build bases together, and wipe opposing settlements out with nukes if they so choose.

To unlock nukes, players will have to complete difficult quests to obtain launch codes, and then once the nuke hits it will trigger fallout in an area, which promises challenges with high end loot as a reward.

The map itself is said to be four times the size of Fallout 4‘s, and will include new creatures inspired by West Virginian folklore. On Bethesda’s press site we saw a screenshot of a monster which was titled “wendigo”, so that’s a cool snippet for what’s to come!

Here’s the wendigo in all its grossness.

And here’s a mega sloth!

In other Fallout news, Fallout Shelter is out now on Switch and PS4, and it’s free. Fallout 76 is available November 14.

DOOM Eternal looks like hell

In a somewhat surprising reveal, a sequel to 2016s DOOM is in the works, and is titled DOOM Eternal.

We’ll learn more about DOOM Eternal at Quake Con this August.

Borderlands Rage 2

With a long ass song from Andrew W.K kicking things off, the Rage 2 segment of the show was… interesting. The game looks okay at this stage, but still your standard post apocalyptic shooter with quirky elements. We learned the protagonist likes one liners and is a ranger. So, that’s a thing.

Rage 2 will release in Spring of 2019.

Prey got a bunch of updates

Some free content released for Prey today, which is a fine thing indeed. In with the free stuff is a survival mode and new game +. MoonCrash also came out tonight, but is paid content.

There will also be future content, including a puzzle game in VR and a multiplayer prop hunt style game where opponents are a mimic, which terrifyingly will also be available in VR. Yeah, pretty scary stuff.

Elder Scrolls you can play whilst pooing

Elder Scrolls Blades is an upcoming mobile and VR game that you can play in portrait and one handed because Bethesda like to enable you to play games whilst doing a poo we guess. They said it was a mode meant for meetings, but sure.

Wolfenstein is coming to the 80s

Wolfenstein Youngblood puts players in control of the twin daughters of BJ Blazkowicz, and will be a co-op title set in the 1980s.

Skyrim on Alexa… and yeah lol gags

In a joke featuring  Keegan-Michael Key, Bethesda made fun of how many versions of Skyrim are available. Apparently the joke is real and you can actually enable a Skyrim skill for your Amazon Alexa, but I haven’t been able to get this to work on an Australian one yet.

Starfield is a new sci-fi IP

A new IP from Bethesda, which is apparently the first in 25 years, will be coming. We know fuck all at this stage, but here’s a teaser.

Elder Scrolls VI exists

Yes, the follow up to Skyrim was officially announced, and of course we know absolutely nothing about it other than it may or may not have mountains.

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