E3 2018: The best of Nintendo’s conference


Nintendo discussed a range of games during their E3 direct this year. Well, sort of. They mainly discussed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 

Without further delay let’s look into the wonderful goodies Nintendo laid out for us.

Fortnite is out today

Yes, you can download the popular building and murdering simulator now on Switch. Of course we can’t just have a nice thing, the release has been met with ire from fans because those who have used their Fortnite account on PS4 will be unable to use the same account on Switch. This appears to be connected with Sony’s hesitance to support cross play in any form.

Super Mario Party uses the Switch in creative ways

Super Mario Party will be out on the Switch on October 5. The trailer shows the game being utilised with some pretty nifty Switch configurations and across multiple consoles.

Fire Emblem will be hitting the Switch

Fire Emblem: Three houses brings the popular series to the Switch, with a release window of autumn 2019.

Hollow Knight is available… right now

It’s E3 tradition to just unleash shit the second it’s announced, and Hollow Knight’s Switch version is no exception. Enjoy! The hand drawn style is worth experiencing if you missed it last year on PC.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will feature every character

Not every character ever in a literal sense – that would be a mess of a game. But every previous Super Smash Bros. character will be featured. The game will also be playable with Gamecube controllers. Ridley, a monster villain from Metroid will also be making a debut.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available on December 7.

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