Hobbitholics Anonymous

– Alexa Viani Hi, my name is Alexa and I am a reformed “Hobbitholic”. This is my story. A disclaimer for any of those recovering Hobbitholics this article may have some triggers.  To protect others identities we have removed all real names and not disclosed alliance details. My love of Middle Earth was once so pure and simple but one fateful day I made a decision that would define me and tes...[Read More]

Gimme (Fallout) Shelter

– by Tim Sujak It’s happened, you guys. Two worlds have collided. For years, I’ve poured over reports, scoured dusty, long-forgotten archives for interviews – anything – that could prepare me for something like this. Honestly, though? I never thought it would happen – how could it? I was so careful. Perhaps that is why I failed. Perhaps that is why, a mere moment ago, I came acro...[Read More]

Need For Speed reinvented

Will the new Need For Speed reinvent the formula?

E-Sports: Doping dramas

– Kyle Tander E-Sports brings together some of the best competitive gamers from around the world with millions of dollars up for grabs for whoever wins, and to just prove how similar it is to regular sports, doping has become an issue! Unfortunately, there are some gamers who use performance enhancing drugs so they are able to play without getting tired, giving them the edge to win. The use ...[Read More]

Hacknet has you

– Tim Sujak Wake up. The Matrix has you…. as our 1,000,000th visitor!!! YOU HAVE WON A FREE* REVIEW! READ ON TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE! Ahem… If you’ve ever wanted to fill the digital Doc Martens of a master hacker (free from those pesky legal consequences, of course), the newly-released Hacknet can drag you down that particular rabbit hole and show you just how deep it goes. Dev...[Read More]

Is it time we crossed the platform divide?

– Kyle Tander Console wars have been fought ever since multiple gaming platforms have been in existence. These wars are fueled by the fact that two people can’t buy the same game, made by the same developer and play it with or against friends on a competing platform. Imagine a world where console wars could be settled in competitive modes of Call of Duty, Battlefield or Evolve. Imagine...[Read More]

Beware the badman: A knight to forget

– Tim Sujak Let me take you back to a simpler time, if I may – one full of hope and wonder. THE TIME OF ROUGHLY Two Months Ago… My friend Rob had just bought his nuclear-powered, mammoth gaming rig – a PC so powerful, it could run S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl AND Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines simultaneously, unpatched, 100% vanilla and bug-free on the sa...[Read More]

In Memoriam: Batman Arkham Trilogy

–  Luke Chandler  This edition of In Memoriam is a little different than usual. In Memoriam usually focuses on a single game, but today we will be focusing on Rocksteady’s Arkham Trilogy. As usual, this article will contain major spoilers. Believe me, if you are yet to play the Arkham Trilogy, you might want to turn back now. In late 2009, British developer Rocksteady released Batman Arkham:...[Read More]

EB Games’ Twitter hit with comments following allegations of employee abuse

Yesterday afternoon, Kotaku AU published an article telling the stories of several ex-EB Games employees who encountered abuse from management and other staff members. The allegations include the cover up of a sexual assault and a casual policy of staff being expected to work without pay, lest you be replaced or skipped for promotion. Furthermore, several employees reported being bullied, harassed...[Read More]

agar.io or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the blob

– Dominic Powell Having just finished last semesters exams, agar.io is like an old friend. An old friend that lures you into their house with promises like ‘you can do that essay in 12 hours, don’t even worry about it!’ Agar.io has got to be the best procrastination game I’ve ever played. To the untrained eye, agar.io looks like a bunch of different sized, different c...[Read More]

Rocket League: Destruction derby meets football

– Luke Chandler If you’re the sort of person who usually sits in front of a screen in a darkened room, chances are you’ve seen the name Rocket League pop up on various online publications and message boards. The game has generated a large amount of hype, fueled by a dedicated fan base. I am not really a fan of sports games, so when I first heard of Rocket League, It didn’t seem l...[Read More]

In Memoriam: The Last of Us

– Luke Chandler Welcome to another edition of In Memoriam, The series where we pay our respects to the video game characters that are sadly no longer with us. Today we will be taking a look at the 2013 hit PlayStation 3 game, The Last of Us. This article contains story spoilers. If you are yet to play the game (which I highly recommend you do) stop reading now. Scroll down past this public d...[Read More]

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