Simon Vallenet




PRiO is a platformer in which you control a sparkling white ball in a succession of small levels of increasing difficulty. Switch colours between red, yellow and blue to make your way through each level, activating platforms and blocks along the way to open the exit. Just like every other platformer out there, you can jump, double-jump and wall-jump from block to block. While this title might not ...[Read More]



TIGYMHM: Please, Don’t Touch Anything

Please, don’t touch anything is unclassifiable. It’s a proper gaming UFO that doesn’t fit any genre. Let’s just say, to make it easier, that it is an office job simulator. But not your regular kind of office. No, you’re apparently an employee of a nuclear test bunker and your daily life consists of sitting at a desk and watching over a city on an old screen. The game starts when your colleag...[Read More]

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