Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Sabotage DLC review: Let’s focus on the zombies



Reviewed on: Playstation 4

Despite having an enjoyable, if safe, solo campaign, I find Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer to be severely lacking when compared to the excellent online component found in Black Ops 3. Treyarch’s last outing was a truly full package, and the multiplayer was just so good out of the box, and was bolstered with some great DLC. So, I was hoping IW’s DLC would be the key to improving the latest game’s online offering. Sabotage is, as always, a package of four new multiplayer maps, and a new Zombies adventure, and again, it’s clear the main focus here is the Zombies map.

Instead of totally changing up the overarching story with the second Zombies map, a la Black Ops 3, IW carries on the Scooby Doo meets extreme violence theme of the out of the box Zombies mode, this time transporting the team from the 80s theme park setting to a new woodland rave party set in the 90s.


This is how you all remember rave parties, right? Kevin Smith shooting zombies? Just me?

The setting, which clearly takes from a plethora of horror flicks like the obvious Friday the 13th, works just as well as the initial episode. As before, this Zombies map is much easier than the far more challenging Zombies mode of BO3, but still packs in the difficulty, only on a more approachable level. It’s fun, and the new setting works. I prefer the theme park setting personally, but this new map is just as well designed, and the whole aesthetic works, and the rave party setup that takes place in a lakeside camp makes for the perfect location for a zombie horde to go about its business.

The four multiplayer maps aren’t quite as solid in my opinion, although they’re still of very high quality, which we expect when we’re paying for the privilege of premium maps. The clear stand outs here are Neon and Noir. These two maps really show off what the team is capable of when their creativity is let loose. Noir is a futuristic location that relies on an asynchronous layout, coupled with a central building that’ll almost always be where any match sees the main focus of combat. CoD maps always seem to work best when there are one of two clear areas that teams always want to take and hold, and IW is no different. Noir accommodates this.

Neon is a very different map, and you might expect to see it in Black Ops 3 given the digital simulation motif. It’s a Tron-style simulated city-scape that’s dotted with corrupted areas and pits, making for some wall-running shortcuts and flank manoeuvres. The layout is a little more linear than most, but it’s great to blast your foes into so many little chunks of data.


“War as a video game, what better way to raise the ultimate soldier…”

Renaissance is an odd one, being a historical map set in Venice, complete with rivers and gondolas. The style is a little jarring compared to the rest of the maps in IW, but as far as layout goes, it pulls from a lot of classic CoD staples and creates a map that’s mostly corridor-based with tight sight lines and close-range combat, with a couple of more open plaza areas. It plays best in Domination in my experience, where the control points are set in locations that create some hectic battles for control.

Finally we have Dominion, which is based on the classic Modern Warfare 2 map Afghan. This is the big, open map of the bunch, set in a mining facility with a large exterior area surrounded by buildings. It offers some interior combat, but the open area is where a lot of players are drawn, especially those who like to use snipers, as there are many locations where opportunists can lie in wait so they can get those long range kills.


“I’m not even going to tell him there’s a sniper out there.”

Sadly, it’s just not a very well balanced map. Good maps will offer all types of players options, and any benefits for some weapons are often balanced for others in some way. Here, there’s just far too much emphasis on sniping, at least in my experience, and those not using such tactics are often left unable to keep up. This will depend on overall skill, of course, but for many, the constant snipe kills may just become too much, and many may opt to skip this map entirely.

All in all Sabotage is a decent bit of DLC. The Zombies map is the definite highlight here, and although there are a couple of enjoyable new multiplayer maps, I can’t say there are any classics, and it doesn’t hit the high notes BO3 managed to hit with some if its sterling additional maps. It’s a good start, though.


  • Zombies episode is solid and a lot of fun
  • Neon and Noir are well-crafted and solid maps
  • Renaissance brings back a bit of classic CoD elements


  • Dominion is a bit of an unbalanced misfire
  • There's nothing here that really improves upon base content


If you're a fan of IW's multiplayer, you'll find some solid extra content here, but there's nothing that really betters any of the base content. The Zombies map is another fine example of the mode, and the continuation of the base story is a good choice. Kevin Smith's inclusion is odd, but cool, in a 90s indie throwback way, and I look forward to where the devs take the mode next.

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