Trees will mess you up in first person Battlegrounds servers

FPP servers are now available in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds for NA, EU and AS regions. The update allows players to battle it out only in first-person mode, which makes the already sweat inducing game that much more terrifying. I decided to jump into a solo round and try my hand at the new mode, and luckily for me, my first FPP round would also be in the rain, making it that much more te...[Read More]

Video: We took Doomfist for a spin

It’s pretty exciting stuff to see another villain enter the Overwatch cast, especially a melee focused one. So I thought we’d try Doomfist out on the PTR, something which proved difficult in a conventional game, as everyone was pouncing on him the second it loaded in. I got round this by playing a no limits game, which means there’s an incredible amount of Doomfist for you to see...[Read More]

Watch me cringing playing Resident Evil 7 in VR

I suppose it was always going to come to this. Resident Evil 7 is out and fully playable in Playstation VR, and my fellow editor Charlie responded to my suggestion of recording him playing it using the headset with a resounding “NOPE”, so it would be up to me to brave the horrors of the Baker mansion in a whole new level of immersion. I had some thoughts on the PSVR experience in my re...[Read More]

The Last Bastion Overwatch animated short is surprisingly moving

You might be prone to cursing Bastion under your breath every time you hear his name, but after watching his backstory, that will most likely change. The very Pixar inspired short is by far the most moving and enjoyable Blizzard have released yet, and if you tear up whilst watching, I don’t blame you. Brace yourself, grab a box of tissues, and watch it right here: Okay? Need a moment to soak...[Read More]

Watch us play the Resident Evil VII demo

During Playstation’s E3 conference on Tuesday, Capcom announced Resident Evil VII is coming on January 24, 2017. Fully compatible with Playstation VR, my fellow editor Charlie promptly said he would “more than happily put it in [his] nope pile.” So as you can imagine, when the playable teaser for the game dropped on the Playstation store, it fell to me to be the one who records s...[Read More]

The final Overwatch animation is here and Soldier: 76 kicks some ass in it

The last Overwatch animated short entitled Hero has come out ahead of the game’s May 24 launch tomorrow, and it focuses on the mysterious Soldier: 76. This is the final short from the current season consisting of four episodes, and you can watch it right here: For those unable to watch the video, it entails Soldier: 76 being the Overwatch equivalent of Batman, as he fights from the shadows t...[Read More]

Let’s check out DOOM SnapMap, featuring Donald Trump and Raccoons

DOOM has been out for just over a week now, and by all accounts it seems to have been positively received. Our own Aaron Birch gave it an 8.5 in his review earlier in the week, and I find myself agreeing with him after my time with the game. DOOM is fast, brutal and a great challenge, as well as having a captivating minimalist narrative. But aside from the awesome campaign mode, and the multiplaye...[Read More]

Battlesouls: Not quite Darksouls or Battleborn

Today I will be discussing the free to play indie game Battlesouls. It launched on Steam on May 13 with some praise from early reviewers. I had a hands on go with the game the day prior to release in a video you can watch right here: If you didn’t have the time to watch that surprisingly long video, let me use words to fill your brain with knowledge. Battlesouls is okay, pretty meh in a lot ...[Read More]

The Division: You can still exploit Police Academy

It was relatively common knowledge that prior to patch 1.1 in The Division you could exploit the Police Academy mission for loot and Phoenix Credits. To do so you had to deploy mobile cover in a doorway at the right angle, allowing you to slide along the cover and into the building. In the building there is a echo, and once activated it allowed you to cut the mission length down to just the final ...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 trailer: Hello darkness

The Gears of War games have always had great cinematic trailers. Most feature the muscle clad COG soldiers doing some cool sci-fi testosterone things whilst accompanied by music that brings all the feels. I still remember the teaser for Gears of War 2, it nearly brought me to tears when it came out. Look at this emotional shit, just look at it: That choice of music just completely disarms you. Loo...[Read More]

LoadScreen play There’s Poop In My Soup

  Indie games have become a bit of an enigma in recent times. Some are great and don’t make it very far, and some are terrible but make it waaaaay too far. Let’s look at the latter category with the Steam shitsation There’s Poop In My Soup. It’s a game about pooing on people… and it costs US$0.99. It’s about as fun as you would expect, and in case you want ...[Read More]

The Division: Make the Dark Zone great again

  A lot of players have been complaining that the Dark Zone isn’t scary enough and that not enough players are going rogue because there isn’t incentive. Well I can tell you right now, there is incentive, and that is to hunt the same agents down repetitively, and when the man hunt cool down is gone, chase them around the Dark Zone clapping at them like a rabid pack of wolves. Load...[Read More]

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