The Division: The roguest rogue you’ll ever see

Updated to include the original source.  Admittedly I have lost part of my soul and a large chunk of my life to The Division. Over 40 hours in I’m still finding new ways for the Dark Zone to terrify me, but this video below takes the cake. The video is from YouTuber Quasi sight, who we can assume is the coldest agent to have ever lived… by my count they killed nine agents and ultimatel...[Read More]

What are the aliens in XCOM saying?

  If you’ve been playing XCOM 2 you may have wondered what the Advent soldiers are saying from time to time. They are a pretty vocal opposition, but for the most part they sound like a squid sneezing. Thankfully for all the curious alien linguists out there, Eurogamer have come out with a handy translation video. Okay, so maybe it’s not 100 per cent accurate, but it still makes yo...[Read More]

The Dark Souls III opening cinematic looks brutal

  A new cinematic opening for Dark Souls III has been released, showing off the nightmarish world the games are set in. For those out of the loop, the Dark Souls games have become renowned for their minimalist storytelling and insanely difficult gameplay. We played it at PAX and struggled to stay alive for more than five minutes. This latest cinematic seems to hint at a larger story for Dark ...[Read More]

Bold Civ V strategy ends with a twist

  For those who haven’t played Civilization V you’re missing out on possibly the largest time sink in the gaming world. When I first started playing a year or so back (yes, I was late to the party) I racked up almost 50 hours from just two games. Let that sink in. When it was announced that one Civ player had completed a game in 50 turns, using Venice no less (a civilization that ...[Read More]

LoadScreen play Who’s Your Daddy

  Put your hands up if you like infant mortality? PUT THEM DOWN! Who’s Your Daddy is one of the latest hit early access games on Steam. The premise is simple, one player controls a parent tasked with doing chores and baby proofing the house, the other player controls an angsty baby who is trying their best to shuffle off this mortal coil. Sounds horrible, right? Well it is, but its also...[Read More]

There’s a new Attack on Titan game trailer

  We were pretty excited when the Attack on Titan game for Ps4 was announced. The shows premise lends itself so perfectly to a video game adaptation that this console release feels long overdue. The latest trailer, which was released on January 20, depicts moments from the show and manga, and what looks to be a variation of playable characters from the series. In the four minute long video we...[Read More]

New Uncharted 4 trailer possibly foreshadows death

  A new CG trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End seems to foreshadow Nathan Drake’s demise. The trailer shows the man himself talking about his legacy and what he will be remembered for as chaos unfolds around him. You can see the emotional trailer below, it’s worth watching solely for the awesome piano rendition of the Pixie’s Where is My Mind: It won’t be long...[Read More]

4K Star Wars is goooooooood

  Ever wondered what it would feel like to actually be in the Star Wars universe? If you answered no, then you are incorrect, that wasn’t a hypothetical question… also, what’s wrong with you? Originally uploaded a few days ago, this 4K Star Wars Battlefront video by YouTuber Jack Fraggs might be the closest most of us get to the real thing: Captured in 4K and 60FPS using the...[Read More]

Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta impressions

  Since December 4 those who own the Nathan Drake Collection have been able to play the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer beta. I’ve had a fair bit of time to play the game too, below you can see an compilation video of a round where I didn’t completely suck, it shows off elements from the game, including sidekicks and supernatural power ups: Here’s what I’v...[Read More]

Far Cry Primal gameplay video… and maybe dinosaurs?

  Since it was leaked, and then subsequently announced, there’s been a lot of interest in Far Cry Primal. This spin off from the main series puts the player in control of a primitive human who battles it out with enemy tribes and extinct creatures. There has also been a confirmed beast master feature, where you can tame certain animals to fight alongside you, including saber tooth tiger...[Read More]

Fallout 4: 100 Nuke Mines VS. Behemoth

  As we’ve previously demonstrated, it’s fun to blow up stuff in Fallout 4. Last time it was four bottle cap mines, eight fragmentation mines, two cryo mines and a pulse mine VS. a Deathclaw, which went as expected. This time it’s 100 nuke mines (with a total of 30,100 damage) taking down a lone Behemoth, the result of which made my dogs howl in real life and may have broken...[Read More]

300 BoS vs. 30,000 Deathclaws

  We love a good NPC battle in Fallout 4. In fact we have shared some of our favourites since the game launched. This one however takes the cake. And by cake we mean pushes modern computing to the limits… this guy’s rig must be next level. Prepare to witness 300 Brotherhood of Steel vs. 30,000 Deathclaws. Yes that is the correct amount of zeros. Well, that was an unexpected result...[Read More]

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