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Why Resident Evil 4 is the best game in the franchise

When the nostalgia hit me like a tidal wave of bricks and the idea for this article presented itself, I was tempted to write my reasoning behind it as “because it fuckin’ is”, followed by issuing a challenge inviting anyone who disagrees to come and fight me and end it there. Eloquent and classy, I know. But I’ve found after conversing with fellow gamers that this seems to be a pretty ...[Read More]

Believe the hype: Halo’s greatest ads and trailers

-James Orr Halo has been a monumental part of gaming for almost 15 years now, and a monumental franchise needs monumental marketing. Playing host to some of the greatest and most innovative marketing campaigns and trailers of all time, Microsoft, Bungie and 343 Industries have consistently built the hype leading up to the release of each one of their major releases. So with Halo 5: Guardians just ...[Read More]

5 of the best dogs in video games

– Charlie Braithwaite As we all know, dogs are the greatest things in the universe. I’ve previously discussed how much I hate it when they are enemies in games, but now it’s time to honour the pups who have been our digital companions. These aren’t ranked in any particular order, all dogs are amazing, so it would be unfair to judge them (except my dog IRL who is the best ever). Fable II: Dog...[Read More]

Will we ever see a game like Neverwinter Nights again?

– Karly Taylor Still cruising on a D&D high from my Sword Coast Legends article, it got me thinking about previous Forgotten Realms video games. Blasphemously skimming over Baldur’s Gate, I found myself reminiscing about the lesser-known Neverwinter Nights instead. It’s a third-person RPG developed by Bioware back in 2002, set in the same D&D universe as Baldur’s Ga...[Read More]

The best sports games are the fake ones

-Tom Heath Later this week all the sports games are coming out. Or at least all the ones people really care about: Fifa 16 and NBA 2k16. Yes, the team rosters have been updated, the mechanics tweaked, someone famous has curated something to do with NBA; it is indeed that time of year again. Now, it’s probably pretty clear by now that I’m not a fan of these games. I’m also pretty terrible at playin...[Read More]

In Memoriam: Portal

– Tom Heath It’s been a while since we have paid tribute to those we’ve lost over the years, from the death of innocence, the withering of nature, an individual’s personal genocide and the loss of my best goddamned friend. Well, we’re back at it again because there was one demise that we naively overlooked. It was giving us the eye across the bar, but through ignorance or just plain incompet...[Read More]

Playstation turns 20: The games no one remembers

-Tom Heath Earlier this week, Playstation turned 20 in the US. Yes, that little grey rectangle has hit the big two-oh, collectively making Playstation fans everywhere feel really old and miss the good old days of offline console gaming. A lot of places have been running retrospectives of their favourite PS1 games, with the usual suspects of Final Fantasy VII, Crash Bandicoot and, my personal favou...[Read More]

In Memoriam: Batman Arkham Trilogy

–  Luke Chandler  This edition of In Memoriam is a little different than usual. In Memoriam usually focuses on a single game, but today we will be focusing on Rocksteady’s Arkham Trilogy. As usual, this article will contain major spoilers. Believe me, if you are yet to play the Arkham Trilogy, you might want to turn back now. In late 2009, British developer Rocksteady released Batman Arkham:...[Read More]

In Memoriam: The Last of Us

– Luke Chandler Welcome to another edition of In Memoriam, The series where we pay our respects to the video game characters that are sadly no longer with us. Today we will be taking a look at the 2013 hit PlayStation 3 game, The Last of Us. This article contains story spoilers. If you are yet to play the game (which I highly recommend you do) stop reading now. Scroll down past this public d...[Read More]

In Memoriam: Mass Effect

– Tom Heath Whereas our previous In Memoriam articles have focused on the unavoidable deaths of characters from beloved video games, today we shall be paying tribute to one that was completely non-compulsory, and was twice as heartbreaking. The game is Mass Effect, RPG maker Bioware’s sci-fi dating simulator that also happened to have a kick-ass, choice driven narrative and, as such, I...[Read More]

In Memoriam: Ocarina of Time

– Charlie Braithwaite Welcome to the second edition of In Memoriam, the LoadScreen series where we shed a tear for beloved characters who have passed away. This week we are honouring the demise of a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You know, that game everyone who has ever touched a gamepad and was alive in the 90s talks about. Ocarina of Time is arguably one of the most ...[Read More]

Vintage Gaming: A dinosaur retrospective

– Charlie Braithwaite and Tom Heath Considering all things dinosaur are relevant again, LoadScreen have prepared a list of some of the hottest dinosaur games, most of these are a blast from the Jurassic past, but nonetheless were incredible when they came out. Jurassic Park- 1993 DOS game – Charlie Let me just start off by saying thank you to those responsible for making this game, it ...[Read More]

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