Death Squared review: Now on Switch!



Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, copy supplied by publisher. 

We reviewed Death Squared after it came out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC back in March. And you know what? Not a lot has changed with the puzzle game since its release on the Nintendo Switch, aside from some extra content.

If you want to know the finer details of the game, check out the original review – which I’ll link here again for your convenience –  today I’ll be writing about what the Switch does for this immensely difficult game.

Yeah, it’s not relaxing.

Death Squared can be played alone, but really, with a puzzle game this frustratingly difficult, it’s probably best to ruin some relationships over. This is where the Switch comes into its element. Nintendo’s latest console is one of the most versatile multiplayer systems I’ve experienced, so naturally games that are meant to be shared shine on it.

Allowing up to four players to struggle through the difficult puzzles on the same screen, things get chaotic pretty quick. The premise is simple, match your colour block with a corresponding goal, but in practice getting there is a bit of a mind fuck. Spikes, lasers and shifting platforms will all mess with your objective, and have you cursing your friends out like they owe you money. If one of you die, it’s game over. And you will die… a lot.

Even looking at this makes me nervous.

Joy-Cons are a natural fit for this game – the controls are limited to movement only – making them ideal for extended multiplayer play. Give a Joy-Con to virtually anyone and they’ll be able to intuitively play this game. Although it’s totally kid friendly, the language it draws from people might not be.

Of course it’s worth mentioning again that Death Squared is still as difficult as ever, but it is damn fun to play with friends. The addition of extra content on the Switch make it worth picking up for existing fans who want the game on the go.

Performance wise I encountered no hiccups in both portable and docked modes, so a thumbs up there. If you haven’t played Death Squared yet, do yourself a favour and check it out, it’s a neat little package from an Australian team.


  • Just as good on the Switch
  • Additional content for existing fans is nice


  • It's still hard
  • Very hard
  • Very very hard


Death Sqaured stands out as a great puzzle game, and one that's well worth playing with friends. Its release on the Switch just cements these points and makes it another fantastic title in the console's ever expanding library.

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