LucidSound LS25: Big, bright, but quiet



Heavily billed as an eSports gaming headset, LucidSound’s LS25 sits in a rather strange position within its own range, as well as within the gaming headset market in general. Larger than the slimline LS20, but cheaper than the LS40, this is a decent, headset that has some definite high points, but suffers on a couple of noteworthy features.

In terms of visual appeal, the LS25 is, indeed, striking, sporting a contrasting red and black colour scheme, with the sturdy metal head band adorned with heavy padding, and very chunky ear cups. The padding of the ear cups is generous, and makes for a very comfortable fit. I was able to wear the set for hours on end with no issues, so they’re certainly great for long gaming sessions.

Bask in all the chunk.

The headset is a little heavier than many alternatives, given the sturdy frame and size of the ear cups, but you don’t really notice this much when wearing them, so weight isn’t really an issue, although the size may make them a little impractical for wearing out and about.

Feature-wise the LS25 is pretty neat, in that the ear cups feature integrated dials to control volume and mute the mic, and there are two microphones – one embedded in the unit, and a port for the boom mic, which is optional. The headset is powered via the audio cable connection, so no power losses will occur, and they can be used with PC, console and most other devices.

Performance is where the LS25 hits its stride in terms of audio clarity. Overall, they produce a very good range, and the directional audio works very well. I tried these on various consoles, as well as on PC and listening to Music, and the sound quality was always excellent in all activities. Of course, the set is designed for gaming, and this is where they perform at their best, and you probably won’t want to use them exclusively for music. That said, they’re still very good for playback, but may be a bit chunky for most users.

There’s only one kind of soup the LS25 favours: pumpkin.

It’s a shame that this audio quality suffers from what I personally found to be the headset’s major downside, and that’s a lack of volume. It’s one of the quieter headsets I’ve used in a long time, and even on full volume, it’s easy for the audio to become drowned out from background noise, especially if you’re out and about playing games on your Switch or handheld, and the noise of the world gets in the way. A bit more volume would work wonders here.

Some may also find the lack of any wireless option to be a problem. Many gamers prefer to be free of any cables when playing, and although the wired connection means no power issues and no latency in audio, or interference, being tethered to your console, or even game pad, can be a pain. This is particularly jarring as the LS30, the next set up, features wireless capabilities, and can be found cheaper than the LS25.

Still, when it comes to pure audio quality, you can’t really fault the LS25, and it delivers the kind of audio LucidSound has become known for, and they do so at a decent price tag of $150. For this you get a robust and well-made headset that provides superior audio, some unique, integrated controls, and will function just as well on your Switch, as it will on your home PC, PS4 or even TV.


  • Very high quality audio
  • Sturdy and comfortable design
  • Interesting controls


  • Quiet
  • Too chunky for on the go use
  • No wireless option


When it comes to comfort and audio quality, I can thoroughly recommend the LS25 headset. I put it through its paces with games ranging from Zelda to Warframe, on multiple platforms, and in various situations, and it performed very well, indeed. Although the low audio volume can be a problem, and the lack of wireless is a hiccup, I still plan to make extensive use of these as my current gaming headset of choice, and would advise these be considered if you commonly play online for long periods and need a solid, comfortable option.

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